Where do I vote?

Where do I vote? Am I really registered? Click here to look yourself up (you will enter county, name, address, date of birth).

Where does someone else vote? See the Precinct and Polling Place for every address in the state (but no voter names).

The interactive map below shows all polling places in Chester County by location. The background shows main roads, municipalities, and terrain.

Use the + / bar to zoom in or out. Click or tap a location to move the map, or click on the directional insignia to move N, E, S, or W. Hover or tap the V mark that you think is the right polling place and you will see the name of that precinct, the address of the polling place, and the name of the polling place.

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If you are not registered where you live, the process for changing your address is the same as for registering to vote.

If you have moved fairly recently, normally you will be allowed to vote “one last time” at your old address, but if your move is permanent, best reregister right away to avoid complications. Note that when you vote for the first time in a new precinct you must provide ID. See the list of approved ID forms here.