What Do Chesco Dems Stand For?

In summer 2017, the CCDC Communications Committee named a task force to set forth what Chester County Democrats stand for. The work was completed in early fall and approved by the CCDC Executive Committee on September 27, 2017.

Download the full 5-page document here: 2017 Chesco Dem Values & Issues

Download the 2-page summary (derived from the lead paragraphs of the full version) here: Values & Issues summary 9-27-17

It was agreed at the 9/27/17 Executive Committee meeting that the content and wording of the Values & Issues documents would be revisited every 90 days, as political and civic life do not stand still.

We understand that Democrats may have a diversity of views on values and issues; we invite interested parties to offer constructive comments and input by emailing communications@chescodems.org. It is important that Democrats identify their central principles, in order to help guide candidates and inform voters, but also that we dialogue among ourselves to reach a position of consensus and respect.

See also the policies described in these other documents, which have been accepted by the PA State Dem Committee and by Chester County Dem Committee:

For open internet: Open internet v. FCC resolution

Against gerrymandering: Fair districts v. gerrymandering resolution

For more women in office: Women in office resolution

For marijuana legalization: Cannabis legalization resolution

For statewide single payer healthcare: Single payer healthcare resolution

in addition, see these statements by the Chesco Young Democrats:

Against hatred and racism, after the Charlottesville attack here.

In favor of DACA recipients and the DREAM Act here, in English and Spanish.