What an election this was!!

Historic: Democratic turnout increased 43% county-wide over the 2015 election.

All our countywide candidates won (and got almost as many votes as the corresponding Republican candidates):

Patricia Maisano – Treasurer
Margaret Reif – Controller
Christina VandePol – Coroner
Maria Crossan – Clerk of Courts

Our endorsed judicial candidates who won statewide were:

For PA Supreme Court
Dwayne Woodruff

For Superior Court
Carolyn H Nichols
Geoff Moulton
Maria McLaughlin
Debbie Kunselman

For Commonwealth Court
Ellen Ceisler

Chester County had the fourth highest vote total for the state-wide judicial candidates, exceeded only by Philadelphia, Allegheny (Pittsburgh) and Montgomery counties.

Thank you all for what you have accomplished so far this year.

Now the real work begins – to help our candidates win in November.

What we have done so far has been a warm-up. Our county turnout for the primary was 43% more than in 2015. Even so, this was an 18% turnout.

The approximate average vote totals for the county-wide candidates in 2015 was 34,000 (D) vs 49,000 (R). We need to increase our vote totals by 50% from 2015 to be confident of winning all our county-wide races.

50,000 votes for our Democratic candidates corresponds to a 38% turnout of Democratic voters.

Can we do that? That is our challenge. This is the best year in a long time to do it.

We can take a deep breath and then start again. We need to start planning now to get out our voters in November.

This is an exciting time to be a Democrat in Chester County.

Brian McGinnis, Chair
Chester County Democratic Committee

Freedom, Fairness, Opportunity