Información en español sobre necesidades electorales aquí

How do I register to vote? or change parties? Download the form from the state site (the first download on the page).

The deadline to register to vote in the Tuesday Nov. 3 primary election is Monday Oct. 5 (postmark or in person). The ballot includes 5 statewide judges, all 3 County Commissioner positions, 1 judge of the court of Common Pleas, 5 of the other 9 countywide officials, and half of municipal supervisors and Borough Council members.

How do I fill out the form? Download a pdf with our own advice here: Register & Vote 11-3-15.

Who are the current Democratic candidates? Click here and here.

What ID do I need to vote? None. On Jan. 17, 2014, the Commonwealth Court struck down the Corbett voter ID law, which never took effect, as unconstitutional, discriminatory, and mismanaged, concluding that “the Voter ID Law renders Pennsylvania’s fundamental right to vote so difficult to exercise as to cause de facto disenfranchisement.”

Am I registered? Where do I vote? Click here to look yourself up.

See the Precinct and Polling Place for every address in the state (but no voter names).

See further Registration Information.

To see what your ballot will look like, click here a few weeks before the next election.

For Absentee Voting, download the application form here. Instructions are on p. 2 of the form. Qualifying reasons to vote absentee include illness and planning to be out of town. Voter Services must receive your request to vote absentee at least one week before the election (preferably well before that).

At the top of the form put the address where you are registered to vote and then where you want the ballot sent (time it right, as it takes a few days for the ballot to be processed and go through the mail. Write either a PA driver’s license number or PennDOT ID number, or lacking those, the last 4 digits of your Social Security number. If you don’t have any of those, call Voter Services, 610 344-6410 for help. Show the reason you are unable to vote in person in section A or B. Then put the address where you want the ballot mailed. Mail the completed form to: Chester County Voter Services, Government Services Ctr., 601 Westtown Rd., Suite 150, PO Box 2747, West Chester, PA 19380-0990. There is also an emergency procedure for voters taken ill after the normal absentee deadline.

Voter Services must receive your voted absentee ballot by 5:00 p.m. on the Friday before the election, either in the mail or by your bringing it to them (only you can hand deliver your own ballot).

Can voters in trouble with the law vote?

Yes, in most cases. The ones who can NOT vote are those who as of election day are imprisoned (or in a halfway house / alternative correctional facility / pre-release status) after conviction for a felony. Probation, parole, house arrest, and confinement for misdemeanors are no obstacle to voting. See full details here.

Download “2014 Important Dates” (dates for elections, registration deadlines, absentee ballots, etc.) at Chester County Voter Services.

How do I run for office? Download instructions and petition forms (for State offices, not County offices including committeeperson).

Who are my current state legislators? Click here to find your PA Representative and Senator.

For the 2001 Chester County PA House and Senate District Maps that remain in force for representation in Harrisburg through November 2014, click on the pdfs below:

PA Senate Districts: PA Senate Chesco map 2001-

PA House Districts: PA House_Dist map 2001-

For the Current US Congressional districts (as of January 2013) click here.

Find web site and contact info for your Congressional representative here and your senators here.

Incoming PA House and Senate districts (which will take effect for voting in the 2014 elections and for office-holders as of January 2015): here.

History: Proposed PA House and Senate districts that were struck down by the PA Supreme Court on 1/25/12.