Why Vote? Why Vote Down the Ballot?

There are two elections every year: a primary election in the spring and general election in fall. We need you to vote at every one! Anyone who votes only in the presidential general election is losing out on 87.5% of the opportunity to be heard at the polls.

from KAD chair Wayne Braffman gave ten great reasons to vote on Nov. 7, 2017, which remain always valid:

VOTE because you are mad as hell and you’re not going to take it any more.
VOTE to make history by electing Democrats to Chester County row offices for the first time EVER!
VOTE to send a message to Washington that this President is a danger to our Democracy, our values and our way of life.
VOTE to send a message to Harrisburg that you will no longer tolerate phony budgets that fail to tax Marcellus shale, short-change our children, and raise our local taxes.
VOTE to stand up for those whose voting rights are compromised by gerrymandering and voter suppression.
VOTE because you love your neighbors… all of them.
VOTE because you don’t want judges who voted for Donald Trump interpreting the law.
VOTE because you don’t want school board members who voted for Donald Trump to decide what our children will be taught in school.
VOTE because you want gun safety laws that protect all of us.
VOTE… because our Democracy depends upon it!

Who owns your future? You or someone else?

The rules are made by those who show up. If you don’t register and vote, the rules for your and your family’s future will be made by others. You want to protect the environment. You want a fair minimum wage and equal pay for equal work. You want affordable student loans. You want a fair tax code. Register and vote so you can say so. And vote for Democrats.

A Democrat who doesn’t vote is casting half a vote for the other side. Anyone who doesn’t vote has given up complaining rights.

Pennsylvania has almost a million more Democrats than Republicans. But Democrats have less than half as many seats in Congress as Republicans. Why? Gerrymandering and voter turnout. The party that controls Harrisburg controls the redistricting process after the census every ten years. The latest redistricting was blatantly discriminatory. The only way to fix it is for Democrats to vote.

Voting Down the Ballot

Paying attention to all candidates and casting your vote for EACH & EVERY RACE is called “Voting Down the Ballot.”

Democratic executive branch leaders (such as Governor) are severely hampered without a supportive legislative branch.

So getting to the polls (or voting absentee) for each is just the first step!

Unlike a river running downstream — where the runoff from the top tends to flood the banks below — down-ballot candidates do not automatically gain from voters for President or Governor.

Every Democrat needs to learn about and vote in EVERY race on the ballot.

Local and county governments are the closest to the voters in impacting their lives. But state representatives and senators also vote on bills concerning education, energy, environment, budget, taxes, individual and municipal rights, and other issues that directly impact our everyday lives.

While we encourage you to vote the straight party ticket in the fall general elections (you can’t in the spring primary elections), we also encourage you to learn about all candidates. Also be aware that since candidates for School Director, Court of Common Pleas (county level), and Magisterial District Judge can be cross-listed, not all those candidates appearing as Dems on the Nov. ballot are actually Dems.

For information on Democratic candidates and links to their sites, see the menu at the top, under CANDIDATES.

For further information, search online for all candidates of any party and study up. An educated voter is the best voter!