US and State Democratic candidates, fall 2012

This list includes candidates who won the primary and will appear on the 11/6/12 general election ballot. For other positions, see the web site of the relevant municipal or regional Dem organization) or consult your Democratic committeeperson. The 2001-11 boundaries for PA House and Senate are still in force although congressional elections are in the new boundaries.

PA House of Representatives district 13
Eric Schott: Web site. Endorsed by CCDC. Facebook. I’m running for the State House because of genuine frustration about the performance of our elected state officials. We have the nation’s largest full-time legislature, but it can’t manage to properly fund our schools, protect our environment, or repair thousands of structurally-deficient bridges and roads. It even failed a basic requirement to draw fair legislative boundaries based on last year’s census. I’m not a politician; I’m a career public high school social studies teacher in Avon Grove–the same community where my wife Ann, also a teacher, and I raised our two children. I’ve always told my students that they have a responsibility to be active citizens, to hold public officials accountable, and to step up and speak out for their core values. My core values are clear and consistent, and they’ll be central in this campaign: Strong public schools, property tax reform to protect middle-class homeowners and seniors, safeguarding our environment and natural resources, and reforming a corrupt and dysfunctional legislature in Harrisburg.

PA House of Representatives district 26
Michael Hays: Web site. Endorsed by CCDC. Facebook. Mike, 30, was elected to Spring City Borough Council in 2009 as one of the town’s youngest elected officials ever. Now in his third year, he continues working for Main Street improvements, investments in the borough’s aging infrastructure, and improved communication with taxpayers and neighboring municipalities. He supports a renewed commitment to quality education in Pennsylvania, a strong extraction tax on Marcellus Shale natural gas, and lowering the number of adults and children without health insurance in the state.

PA House of Representatives district 155
Josh Maxwell: Web site. Endorsed by CCDC. Facebook. Twitter. Josh Maxwell is the youngest mayor in Downingtown’s history. In his first term Mayor Maxwell has brought economic development to Downingtown, instituted policies that have kept crime low, and protected valuable open space. Mayor Maxwell partnered with the business and residential community to re-start the Downingtown Main Street Association, whose purpose is to bring long-term economic progress to Downingtown. Mayor Maxwell also devotes his time to the board of the Downingtown Community Education Foundation, whose mission is to raise money for the STEM Academy, to offset school district funding shortfalls, and to fund teacher projects. For his efforts Philadelphia Magazine named Mayor Maxwell the Best Young Politician in Philadelphia in 2011. Mayor Maxwell, a lifelong resident of Downingtown, has a degree in Political Science and International Business from West Chester University and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Pennsylvania.

PA House of Representatives district 156
Bret Binder: Web site. Facebook. Bret, a lifelong Pennsylvanian and lifelong Democrat, is an attorney who lives and works in East Bradford Township. A former judicial clerk for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, Bret will use his experience in the law to clarify and streamline existing legislation and write more effective legislation. Bret believes strongly in public education and opposes any attempt to dilute public education funding. Bret will demand more accountability from gas and oil drillers and fight to protect our environment, preserve open space, and create green jobs for our future. A small business owner himself, Bret will fight for small businesses, create jobs for Pennsylvanians, and promote investment in our communities.

PA House of Representatives district 157
Paul Drucker (served in this seat 2009-10). Web site. Endorsed by CCDC. Paul earned a degree in history at Lehigh University and a JD Degree from the Boston University School of Law. He took the position of Law Clerk to the Honorable Charles R. Weiner in Philadelphia and then spent four years in the District Attorney’s Office under Arlen Specter. Since then he has been a single practitioner, a partner in a firm, and an employee. He moved from Philadelphia to Tredyffrin, where he has lived in the same home for 27 years. Paul and his wife Robyn are the proud parents of three children. In 2005 he applied to fill a Township Supervisor seat vacated mid-term by his current opponent. The Board of Supervisors appointed a Republican, but Paul went on to win the general election, becoming the first Democratic elected official in the Township’s history. Paul served the residents of Tredyffrin for two years and in 2008 became the first Democrat elected to the 157th district. For two years he worked to bring transparency and accountability to Harrisburg. He introduced a bill to remove partisanship from the redistricting process and another to protect corporate whistleblowers. He is solutions-oriented, reaches across party lines, and is a tireless advocate for his constituents. Paul is running for the State House once again because he wants to add his voice to the team of legislators working to bring accountability to the General Assembly, and most importantly, to faithfully represent the people in the 157th district.

PA House of Representatives district 158
Susan F. Rzucidlo: Web site. Facebook. Endorsed by CCDC. Susan co-owns Silent Z Farm Inc. with her husband of 25 years; their four children range from 14 to 21. Susan is the founder and Executive Director of SPEAK Unlimited, Inc., a nonprofit that has earned a reputation of excellence in developing safety programs and tools for police, firefighters, emergency medical services and individuals living with disabilities and challenges. As a dedicated volunteer on committees and boards in our schools, community, county and state for many years, she has the real world experience we need in Harrisburg. A nationally recognized advocate for people with special needs, Susan has created resources that have been used in communities and organizations in the US and Canada. She will work tirelessly for the people of the 158th district. A vote for Susan is a vote for government the way it should be: real and honest.

PA House of Representatives district 160
no Dem filed

PA House of Representatives district 167
Rob Broderick: Web site including videos on 6 issues. Endorsed by CCDC. Rob is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with a master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University. He was a newspaper reporter for three years. For the last 35 years, he has worked for the education associations of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He retired March 1, so can be a full-time legislator. Public education will be one of his top priorities in Harrisburg. Since 90% of Pennsylvania’s children attend public schools, we must make those schools as strong as possible — not cut them by $1 billion as the Corbett/Milne team has done. After all, a well-educated work force is the best jobs force. Gov. Rendell increased State aid for public schools every year, and that’s a big reason why PENNSYLVANIA IS THE ONLY STATE IN THE NATION WHOSE FEDERAL TEST SCORES WENT UP FROM 2003-2011. Rob wants to put us back on that track — not derail us as Corbett/Milne have done.

PA House of Representatives district 168
Beth Alois: Web site. Facebook. Endorsed by CCDC. Beth Alois is running for State Representative in the 168th District, Delaware and Chester Counties. She is looking to replace a conservative incumbent who is a sponsor of the PA Mandatory Ultrasound Bill, who did not vote against the Voter ID Bill, and who has a 23% score on the Marcellus Scorecard. Beth is prepared to fight for funding for public education, the protection of health care rights for all, including reproductive health care rights for women, and the environmentally sound extraction of Pennsylvania’s natural resources as we use them to fund benefits for all Pennsylvanians. Beth is currently the Vice-Chairperson of the Thornbury Township Democratic Committee and Minority Inspector of Elections, Thornbury Township. She is a member of the Planned Parenthood Chester County Action Committee. Professionally, Beth is a local Realtor and a Member of the Board of the Chadds Ford Business Association. She lives in Thornbury Township, Delaware with her husband, Peter, Vietnam veteran and retired US Foreign Service Officer.

PA Senate district 9
Patricia Worrell. Endorsed by CCDC. Political statement of goals, objectives, views, philosophies from Vote PA: Approximately 85% of Americans believe our government is broken, but I still believe in “we the people”. Laws are created by “people” who determine how we will live. This is a task that I do not take lightly. More women are needed in the legislature, and I have answered the call because I believe we need a fair, balanced representation for women in the legislature. Women redefine politics. We care about public policy and creating a legislative system that is fair and equal for all. I understand that there will always be disagreement when creating policies, however, when you disagree, there is a level of agreement if you just keep listening and just keep talking. I strongly believe it is about public service and always doing the right thing. I will defend our public schools because I believe that our society, economy and communities are based and built by the quality of our public education system. When we have an educational system that does not support or provide for the needs of our society, it is a plan for the destruction of our society. I will defend the rights of women for fair and equal pay, fair and equal healthcare and fair and a equal economy. I will also defend and support any legislation that makes good common sense.

PA Senate district 19
Andy Dinniman (incumbent): Web site. Facebook. Endorsed by CCDC. Before being elected state Senator, Dinniman was elected to four terms as Chester County Commissioner (from 1992 to 2006), making him the longest-serving commissioner in county history. During that time, he made a name as a visionary and a voice for the people by incorporating local values into action and taking on some of the region’s toughest challenges. His commitment to fiscal responsibility and economic prosperity resulted in a period of low taxes and sustained growth for both large and small businesses in the area. Dinniman championed investments in open space and efforts to protect our natural treasures and environmental resources. In the Senate, Dinniman serves as minority chairman of the Education Committee and is a member of four other committees.

PA Attorney General
Kathleen Kane: Web site. Kathleen, a veteran prosecutor, has experience from the crime scene to the courtroom. Her career spans thousands of cases from murder and assault to child abuse and elder abuse, from rape and domestic violence, to public corruption and insurance fraud. She has worked with victims and families, has prosecuted thousands of criminals, and has the experience we need as our next Attorney General. As an Assistant District Attorney for Lackawanna County, she began in the child abuse/sexual assault unit spending several years prosecuting gruesome cases of physical and sexual abuse of children and adults. Simultaneous to the duties of this unit, she specialized in cases involving elder abuse, prosecuted white-collar criminals, and exposed abuses in Orphans’ Court. Due to her distinguished service, she was selected as the Deputy to head the county’s first Insurance Fraud Task Force. In addition, she has contributed to pioneering law enforcement programs, like Lackawanna County’s Mental Health Court, in order to solve problems through other effective and collaborative methods of law enforcement, not just prosecution.

PA Auditor General
Eugene DePasquale: Web site. Endorsed by CCDC and Pennsylvania Democratic Party. Eugene DePasquale is a third-term State Representative from York County. The first legislator to post his expenses online, he quickly became a leader for real change in Harrisburg. He has received an “A” grade for his low expenses and has been called “A Pioneer for Public Accountability” by the York Daily Record. He is running for Auditor General to continue his work for middle-class Pennsylvanians and to protect the important programs that make a difference in our lives, including education, jobs programs and public safety. He will be an advocate for communities affected by the Marcellus Shale drilling. On day one, he will order a review of how we are monitoring water pollution to make certain that the rush for greater corporate profits doesn’t come at the expense of our health, our drinking water or the character of our communities.

PA Treasurer
Rob McCord (incumbent). Web site. Endorsed by CCDC and Pennsylvania Democratic Party. State Treasurer Rob McCord brings two decades of experience and expertise as an independent business leader to the office of the Pennsylvania Treasury. As treasurer, McCord has used his energy and experience to guide the state through one of the most difficult economic periods in history. His common sense leadership has resulted in an impressive turnaround in the treasurer’s office, thereby helping retirees, students, and Pennsylvania taxpayers. He has innovatively streamlined operations, cut costs, and dramatically improved productivity to manage the agency as a “profit center” for the Commonwealth, generating four times more money than it costs to run the independent department – even before counting profits from Treasury’s investments. He has also led a record-breaking turnaround in investments in one of the most challenging markets in history. Under his leadership, Treasury generated historically strong investment returns and more than $1.4 billion for the state, and McCord helped generate many billions more in returns for the state’s two large pension funds.

US Congress PA-6
Manan Trivedi: Web site. Facebook. Endorsed by CCDC and Pennsylvania Democratic Party. Manan’s life’s story and life’s work have prepared him to confront the pressing challenges Congress faces today. A son of immigrants from India, he was born and raised with his brother in Fleetwood, Berks County. He attended public schools and went on to college and medical school before embarking on a naval career that took him to the front lines in Iraq as battalion surgeon. Now, he’s a primary care physician in Reading, board-certified in internal medicine. After his service in Iraq, Trivedi received a Master’s degree in health policy. He drew on his experience with combat medicine to become one of the early researchers to investigate the unique mental health issues affecting our troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. He went on to serve as health policy adviser to the Navy Surgeon General and assistant professor of medicine at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences. Manan and his wife Surekha live with their daughter in Birdsboro, Berks County. This is his second run for Congress in district PA-06.

US Congress PA-7
George J. Badey. Web site. Endorsed by CCDC and Pennsylvania Democratic Party. From Facebook:
For the last 25 years, George has lived in Radnor Township, Delaware County, and as the Chair of the Radnor Democratic Committee, he reached across party lines to show his friends and neighbors that the Republican Party has been hijacked by extremists. For the first time ever, Radnor Township, in the heart of the Main Line, is now governed by a Democratic majority.

US Congress PA-16
Aryanna Strader: Web site. Endorsed by CCDC and Pennsylvania Democratic Party. Facebook.
Aryanna was born in Oregon. Her family did their best while living well below the poverty line; Aryanna knew and appreciated the value of what her community provided. After completing high school and starting community college, Aryanna decided it was time to give something back and enlisted in the United States Army in November, 2001, as a Radio Communications Operator/Maintainer. In February, 2003, Aryanna deployed to Jordan as a part of Operation Iraqi Freedom at a high-level secret forward operation base where she guarded the ammo supply point and performed communications duties. In October, 2004, Aryanna was honorably discharged after receiving three medals and moved to Pennsylvania, where her husband is from. Dan and Aryanna found employment at the Tobyhanna Army Depot. Since 2005, Aryanna has had two children, worked full-time as a military consultant and other positinons, received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration-Operations Management, and completed a Master’s program in Management. Aryanna and Dan opened Arydan LLC in August, 2010, and relocated their family and business to Kennett Square in July, 2011.

US Senate from PA
Bob Casey: web site. Endorsed by CCDC and Pennsylvania Democratic Party. When he was elected in 2006, U.S. Senator Bob Casey was the first Pennsylvania Democrat elected to a full Senate term since 1962. Casey believes public service is a privilege and knows that he was elected to fight for Pennsylvania priorities and Pennsylvania values. His top priorities are fighting to restore Pennsylvania’s economy and create jobs. As a senior member of the Foreign Relations Committee, he is a leader on national security, fighting terrorism and protecting our troops.

US President & Vice President
Barack Obama & Joe Biden: Web site (US). Web site (PA). Facebook (Chester County). Twitter. Endorsed by CCDC and Pennsylvania Democratic Party. To volunteer to canvass or make calls for the local Obama for America team, click here and enter your zip code. Everyone needs to help! The success of Obama and Biden will help all the candidates listed above.