Tredyffrin Democrats reach the tipping point and look for big wins in 2018

Statement from Kathleen Keohane, Chairperson of Tredyffrin Democrats

Thank you, thank you! The TTDEMS appreciate your enthusiastic volunteer efforts to get Tredyffrin voters to the polls last November. YOU made our across-the-board wins possible. And you voted for change.

We showed that Democrats win when Democrats and their supporters VOTE! The 2017 Democratic sweep in Tredyffrin was truly historic, an outcome that would have been unthinkable even ten years ago. Though party registration has been trending Democratic in recent years, we have always been in the minority – until now.

The latest voter data from the PA Department of State has made it official: Democrats now outnumber Republicans in Tredyffrin: 9,045 to 9,010, with 4,006 non-affiliated and other voters.

During the last two years, 976 new Democrats have registered compared to 552 Republicans. The numbers for voters under 50 years of age are even more striking: Democrats outnumber Republicans 4,464 to 3,481. That’s almost a 1,000 voter difference.

Adding to the trend in Democratic registration, Dems now outnumber Republicans in the 157th PA House district – despite a 2011 redistricting by Republican legislators that split Phoenixville in half and moved many Democratic voters to a safely Republican district. In recent years, an influx of new voters and party changes by others have erased the Republican advantage in the 157th.

The numbers are great news, but numbers don’t vote! Our challenge is to persuade and activate our voters to come to the polls on Election Day….

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