Town hall sparks political passion

By Bill Rettew Jr., Daily Local News, 4/08/17

WEST CHESTER >> Tempers are flaring less than 24 hours before a town hall meeting scheduled by U.S. Rep. Ryan Costello.

Costello, R-6, will meet with constituents Saturday afternoon in the 200-seat Courtroom 1 at the historic courthouse. Demand outpaced ticket availability and several people were shut out.

Some constituents have complained that they don’t have enough access to their second term congressman, while he says he’s listening – but still gets a negative response.

“We are in an environment where no matter what I do, a small group of folks is always going to criticize me no matter what I do,” Costello said. “A few people used to protest me to have a town hall and now I guess they’re going to protest me now that I’m having a town hall.”

“Congressman Costello’s so-called town hall is nothing but a farce,” said Brian J. McGinnis, chairman of the Chester County Democratic Committee, in a press release attacking the event. “We pay his salary and benefits. The least he can do is pay the good people of the 6th Congressional District some respect by answering questions for more than an hour.”

Costello said he had made prior plans and passed on attending a recent town hall at Phoenixville High school that attracted about 350 people. Many voters were dismayed that the rep didn’t show….

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