Thanks to Adam’s friends from Adam’s parents

Dear friends,

We wish we could thank each one of you individually, but because Adam had so many friends and colleagues that we have only just met, we hope this note provides at least a small indication of the extent of our gratitude.

Although we honestly don’t know how to live without our son, the amazing outpouring of love and support following Adam’s tragic death has truly been comforting, and we will be forever thankful that he had such wonderful people in his life.

Adam’s friends have been commenting on his loyalty, and on him being the “glue that held them together.” Colleagues have been calling him a “brilliant political mind,” but ultimately, we think all Adam ever wanted was a life of public service where he could give a hundred percent effort to affect social justice for all people.

Adam lived by the Mahatma Gandhi quote “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.”

He taught us so much compassion and humility; we hope to always live up to his ideals.

With sincerest thanks,

Bob and Kathy Swope