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Tax bill wrong for America

Letter from Wayne Braffman, Daily Local News, 12/16/17

You don’t have to be a Democrat to know that the Republican tax bill is wrong for America:

It gives most of the tax breaks to the wealthiest among us…those who need it the least.

The working poor will actually pay more!

Corporations that receive most of the tax cuts have said they will NOT use the money to invest in job creating projects.

It adds between $1-$1.5 trillion to the deficit…something Republicans used to care about.

It will strip health insurance coverage from 13 million…something nearly all of us in Chester County oppose.

Ask yourself this: Why are Republicans so hell-bent on rushing passage—without hearings or testimony—and even though poll after poll show that it is one of the most unpopular tax bills in history? You’ll find your answer if you follow the money trail to the corporate and individual benefactors who all but own them….

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FairDistrictsPA aims to end gerrymandering

by Chris Barber, Daily Local News,4/1/17

LONDON GROVE >> At first glance, a map showing the legislative districts in Pennsylvania looks like the result of a pastry chef gone wild with his cookie cutters. There are no uniform shapes, no uniformity in the content, and the edges don’t conform to any geographical characteristic like rivers or mountain ranges. But in reality, the pattern is actually a reflection of the partisan method that a majority party in power uses to keep its strength and minimize the input of the minority party. It’s called gerrymandering.

Gerrymandering is the manipulation of electoral districts for political gain, and it’s rampant in Pennsylvania.

To that end, a group called FairDistrictsPA, an offshoot of the League of Women Voters, has emerged to reform the system by establishing a new system for forming the method of drawing lines of districts served by legislators.

Last Tuesday, Lawrence Husick of FairDistrictsPA addressed an audience of more than 150 at Avon Grove High School, explaining the hazards of gerrymandering and proposing some solutions.

Wayne Braffman of Kennett Square, who serves as the outreach chairman of the Chester County Branch of FairDistrictsPA, said he was pleased with the meeting, found support from the audience and even had people come to volunteer to help.

The main problem of gerrymandering, Braffman said, is the way districts are created. They are designed every 10 years – during the years of the U.S. Census – by the four caucuses in the state government: the Democratic state and federal senators and the Republican state and federal representatives. They endeavor to carve out their districts to their own advantages, ensuring constituents in the right ratio to guarantee victory….

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Sign of the times? Silent protest coincides with Trump’s inauguration

By Fran Maye, Daily Local News, 1/06/17

KENNETT SQUARE >> The signs have been popping up all over lawns in Chester County. It’s a simple message that states: “Hate Has No Home Here,” and it’s written in five languages, English, Arabic, Hebrew, Korean and Spanish.

Now, the Kennett Square Democratic Committee is sponsoring a silent protest, urging people to put the sign outside of their residence at noon on Friday, Jan. 20, to coincide with the inauguration of president-elect Donald Trump….

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We march!

by Wayne Braffman, Facebook, for Kennett Area Democrats, 9/6/14

Live in a district that isn’t competitive? Want to make a difference? Donate to our efforts to turn Chester County blue and defeat our Tea Party Governor Tom Corbett and Congressman Joe Pitts.

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