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Dem turnout surge marks 2017 primary election

According to data presented by Bill Schoell at the 5/25/17 executive committee meeting, Democratic voters voted this year in much greater numbers than in the previous two off-year (non-presidential, non-gubernatorial) primary elections. The increase from 2013 to 2017 (Dems who voted as a % of registered Dems) was about 90%! (2017 figures are unofficial, 2013 and 2015 official.)


About 18% of Dems in the County voted in 2017, compared to 17% of R’s. This is a significant reversal of the usual D lag in turnout. Coupled with Hillary Clinton’s 25,000 margin in the County in November, this trend is very encouraging.

R voters cast more total ballots this year, by 1,869, but that is a lot less of an edge than one would expect from the R registration advantage of 19,352.

Of course Dems need to close that registration gap, but it is significant that R voters, after a long slow decline, now makes up only 44% of registrations, compared to about 38.5% for D’s and 17.5% I’s. I’s don’t vote much in primaries but the almost 60,000 of them can be a big factor in the fall… if they vote then.

Download the underlying spreadsheet here: Primary 2017 Chesco reg + turnout BSchoell

Democrats see massive turnout boost in primaries

By Mike McGann, The Times of Chester County, 5/17/17

Tuesday’s primaries settled a handful of races, while setting the stage for the fall election battles, as Democratic turnout was noticeably higher than seen in the same primary four years ago — in part because of high profile primaries for the West Chester Mayoral seat, as well as a hotly contested District Justice race in the Kennett/Unionville area.

While more Republicans cast more ballots in 2017 than in 2013 by a 25,594-22,727 margin, it was Democrats who saw a dramatic spike, going from just 12,402 ballots cast in 2013 to 23,725 this year. Although the GOP maintains a 19,000 advantage in registered voters, Democratic voter activation in what is typically the lowest attended Election Day suggests that the fall county row races may well be in play for the first time in more than a generation, as the county’s independent voters typically do not split evenly between GOP and Democrat support, typically favoring the latter….

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Thank You, Donald Trump!

by America Ferrera, Huffington Post, 7/2/15, excerpts:

…what you just did with your straight talk was send more Latino voters to the polls than several registration rallies combined! Thank you for that. Here we are pounding the pavement to get American Latinos to the polls, while your tactic proves most effective. Remarks like yours will serve brilliantly to energize Latino voters and increase turnout on election day against you and any other candidate who runs on a platform of hateful rhetoric….

Thank you for reminding us that there remains an antiquated and endangered species of bigots in this country that we must continue to combat. Thank you for reminding us to not sit complacently at home on election day, but to run to the polls and proclaim that there is no place for your brand of racial politicking in our government. Thank you for sending out the rallying cry….

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Some changes needed to entice Pa. voters to vote

editorial, Daily Local News, 6/05/15

In last month’s primary election, voter turnout in Chester County was 12.2 percent of the registered 322,060 voters. That’s 38,000 voters.

That’s appalling.

And frightening.

Call our system of government what you will — a democracy or a republic or whatever — but its efficacy and accountability depends on an active electorate. How can our government possibly represent the wishes of the governed when the governed don’t even seem to give a damn? It is a recipe for disaster….

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