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Governor Tom Wolf Rejects Partisan Gerrymandered Map

email from Governor Wolf, 2/13/18

I took a pledge that I would reject any map that is unfair or partisan gerrymandering — and that’s what this is. This map clearly seeks to benefit one political party.

Partisan gerrymandering weakens citizen power, promotes gridlock and stifles meaningful reform. It must be ended once and for all.

So I’m asking for your help to make it happen. Please, sign our petition to demand an end to gerrymandering

The current map — drawn by a Republican legislature and a Republican governor — unfairly divides our communities to benefit Republican political interests. And the map submitted to me just last week by Republican leaders was still gerrymandered.

It’s simple: gerrymandering hurts our democracy. That’s why I made a pledge to support fair maps that will restore our democratic process.

This is not a partisan issue. It’s about unrigging the system and drawing fair maps that are representative of the people, not politics.

I vow to do everything I can to make sure we fix our gerrymandered maps now and ensure that they stay that way in the future.

If you’re with me, please sign our petition today to end partisan gerrymandering.