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Are we ‘safe’ with John Lawrence?

Letter from Sue Walker (Dem candidate for PA House 13) in The Times of Chester County, Aug 2nd, 2018

My name is Sue Walker, and I am the Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania House District 13.

I read your editorial assessment of the upcoming election on November 6th (Chescotimes 7/28/18) with great interest. You encapsulated a number of issues regarding our nation and state, and you predicted how the election will ultimately hurt the Republican party. Your piece was quite generous in forecasting an overall “win” for the Democrats. However, you provided two exceptions. One was the race for the Pennsylvania District 13 house seat, which you noted as “GOP safe”. I disagree.

In the past, District 13 has been safe for the GOP. Representative Lawrence has been a solid and consistent vote for the party. However, I suggest that the constituents of District 13 ask, “Are we safe with the GOP and Lawrence?” Let’s consider Representative Lawrence’s voting record.

Voted in favor of HB 2154. Allows 5 barrels or 210 gallons of crude oil to spill on a property without having to report it. Not safe for the environment.

Voted against Act 89. An infrastructure investment plan to repair long neglected roads (including roads specifically used by dairy farmers) and bridges. Not safe for school buses, commuters, farmers, or anyone who travels Pennsylvania’s roadways.

Refused to vocally support or co-sponsor HB 1400. The bill requires universal background checks for firearm purchases or closing “the long gun loophole”. Not safe for anyone….

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Challenge candidates to sign Pa. No-Nonsense Pledge

Letter to editor, Daily Local News, 5/15/18, from Susan Rzucidlo, former candidate for PA House 158. (So far, in Chester County, Sue Walker, candidate for PA House 13, has signed the pledge.)

Ethics in politics. It’s not an oxymoron or at least, it shouldn’t be. However, given Pennsylvania’s long and recent history of corruption scandals among members of both parties, well, sometimes I wonder. Will they ever learn? Will we – the voters – ever learn?

All too often, it seems like integrity is the exception to the norm in Harrisburg. How many times have you read news reports about epic lapses in judgment, embarrassing misdeeds, and greed-driven crimes committed by elected officials at nearly every level of state government?

Meanwhile, measures to tighten our laws and ensure that our leaders do their jobs the right way, on time, and in line with their Constitutional duties languish year after year. Instead, we get more of the same – partisan gridlock, childish political feuds, districts that are gerrymandered to oblivion, budgets that run weeks or months late, pitifully lax campaign finance regulations, no ban on gifts, ongoing efforts to suppress the vote, secret payouts to cover up sexual misconduct, and endless perks.

And yet, I still have faith in the system (and I hope you do, too). I believe that “we the people” have the power to enact change through the election process. That is why I am asking every candidate for state office in 2018 to sign the following pledge:

I pledge to conduct myself professionally, with honesty, accuracy, transparency and an understanding of my responsibility to serve all of the people Pennsylvania. …

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Landenberg woman announces candidacy for 13th House District seat

By Fran Maye, Daily Local News, 2/12/18

COCHRANVILLE >> Sue Walker, a Democrat and a resident of Landenberg, has announced her candidacy for the state House of Representatives, 13th District. The seat has been held for the past eight years by Republican incumbent John Lawrence.

Walker held a kickoff campaign rally at North Star Orchards in Cochranville, which was sponsored by Friends for Sue Walker. Scores of people attended.

Walker, a community activist and public educator, said her top priorities are fiscal accountability, economic growth and new jobs and educational excellence. She is also concerned with infrastructure, conservation of natural resources, and quality health care.

“Throughout my life, I’ve worked in the community as an educator, volunteer, nonprofit leader and activist,” Walker said. “I’ve always been engaged politically, but never as a politician. For me, the 2016 election results changed everything. Now is the time to come together and recognize our shared interests. Now is the time to fight for the common good. Now is the time to find the path forward for all of us.”…

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