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ACTION ALERT: Rep. Costello and the Tax Bill

Email from PA Budget and Policy Center, 11/26/17

You may not realize that you are on the front lines of the struggle being carried on by activists and citizens all over this country to block a terrible tax bill that now includes repeal of a key provision of the Affordable Care Act.

But your congressman, Ryan Costello, is central to the outcome. He was one of four Republican members of the House who voted against repeal of the ACA but voted for the House version of the tax bill. We need him to publicly state that he will reject the Senate tax bill if and when it comes back to the House.

Can you use our online tool to tell him to say no to that tax bill?

I probably don’t need to tell you how bad this bill is. It’s likely that you know that it directs the vast majority of tax cuts to the top 1% and to corporations who do not need a break. When the individual cuts expire in 2027, taxes for the bottom 60% of families will actually go up even as corporations exploit new loopholes and take advantage of lower tax rates and incentives to send more jobs overseas.

And you have probably heard that the Senate bill also includes repeal of the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate, which will lead to 500,000 fewer Pennsylvanians having health insurance in 2027. Those who purchase health insurance on the individual market will see their premiums go up by at least 10%. In 2019, increased premiums for middle-income, older Pennsylvanians will be greater than their tax savings. By 2027, premium increases will be greater than the tax cut for all Pennsylvanians who purchase individual insurance.

Please click here to tell Representative Costello to stand up against this tax bill.

The vote in the Senate is likely to be close. And because of Senate budget rules, they have to reduce spending if they want to cut taxes this much for the rich and corporations. The best thing we can do now is to make it clear to them that a bill that cripples the Affordable Care Act is utterly unacceptable in the House.

And then we have to say no to the entire scheme to cut taxes for the rich and corporations.

Your voice, along with the thousands of others in your congressional district, are critical to stopping this bill.

Please act now and contact Representative Costello.

Thank you,

Marc Stier
PA Budget and Policy Center

Calling on Costello: The GOP Tax Bill will put us in the poor house!

From: Concerned Constituent Action Group

[see also “Protests rage as Meehan, Costello vote for GOP tax plan,” Daily Local News, 11/16/17)}. Congratulations to all 3 Chesco congressmen for raising their impressive “Trump Scores” by 4 recent votes since we last looked on Oct. 24. Smucker now boasts a near-perfect 98.1%, Costello 94.0%, and Meehan 88.7% in this measure of how often their votes agree with the Trump position.

Calling on Costello (R-PA 6)
Friday Nov. 17, 11:30am to 1pm
21 W. Market Street, West Chester

On-street parking or the Bicentennial Parking Garage at 20 South High Street, West Chester.

We will protest outside as a large group; then rotate into the office in small groups to speak with staff and deliver letters, if permitted.

This week’s focus: The GOP Tax Bill will put us in the poor house!

The Tax Plans of the House & Senate differ but the common theme is drastic cuts in taxes that will put the United States even further in debt. The Senate bill shows a rosy future with economic growth spurred by their bill and yet, even with the optimistic growth projections, the cuts in revenue are NOT OFFSET! It’s still a net increase on our national debt.

How will we pay for this increased national debt? $1.5T cuts to Medicaid and Medicare and to a lot of other important programs that benefit all of us. So that corporations and the wealthiest among us can see huge tax cuts.

Don’t let the GOP sell us all out with promises of tax cuts.

The GOP Joint Budget Resolution identified $1T of cuts to Medicaid and almost $500B in cuts to Medicare to offset the effect of the drastic tax cuts the GOP is proposing.

Don’t the let GOP sell us all out with promises that these tax cuts will spur economic benefit to everyone. They will certainly help the very wealthiest but will they help most people? Past history proves the answer is a clear no.

The GOP tax scam will leave us all so much deeper in debt that it will mean drastic cuts to Medicaid & Medicare and a lot of other important programs.

If you cannot attend but would like to submit a letter, email it to us at
contact@ccag-d6.com and we will deliver it for you.

Don’t Cut Health Plans

Letter, Daily Local News, 11/12/17

Congressman Costello turned his back on constituents when he voted in support of the federal budget resolution that would cut Medicare by $487 billion and $1 trillion from Medicaid over the next 10 years. I know Congressman Costello can do better.

I know firsthand the importance of Medicaid. My brother depended on Medicaid through his battle with cancer. I cared for him until his death, and saw all the treatment and care he would not have gotten without Medicaid. He was just one of 2.5 Million Pennsylvanians who depend on Medicaid.

This week, Republicans released their new tax “reform” bill, which will give away trillions in tax breaks that mostly benefit the richest Americans and corporations paid for by these huge cuts to health care programs that seniors like me, kids like my grandchildren, working families like mine, veterans like my cousins and people with disabilities depend on.

We’ve got to really pay attention because Congress is using the same fast-track process that they used in trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act earlier this year to jam the legislation through before anyone realizes who’s really paying for these big tax breaks.

If Congressman Costello truly cares about his constituents, he won’t cut our health care in order to give big donors big tax breaks. Everyone in the district who depends on Medicare and Medicaid should call his office now and ask him to oppose the tax breaks paid for by of our health care.

MaryAnn Piccioni, Paoli

NRA and Chesco’s 3 R’s in the US House

Excerpts from “Have your representatives in Congress received donations from the NRA?,” by Aaron Williams, Washington Post, updated Oct. 5, 2017. (Note that organizations, like corporations, have ways other than direct contributions to support office-holders, such as encouraging contributions by individuals, channeling money through trade associations and “issue groups” that preserve anonymity, etc. Naturally in areas like Chester County which favor gun violence prevention, recipients of NRA funding would prefer it be off the record.)