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Perplexed by Costello concern

letter, Daily Local News, 8/5/17 (letters are not online at the Daily Local)

I was somewhat perplexed by the article “Costello talks of security concerns” (Daily Local, July 23).

Rep. Costello (R-PA 6) is quoted as saying that those trying to get him to attend a town hall meeting with constituents earlier this year “actually were creating a potential trap for me so people would be able to shoot at me.”

Did he mean 1) that he thinks the organizers were (and perhaps still are) planning to assassinate him? Or 2) that he worries about appearing at a public event that could also be attended by unstable people who have guns?

I have attended some of the rallies outside his office, calling for him to act on issues like supporting Medicare and opposing Trumpcare; and I have to say, hypothesis 1) seems to me absurd. The people who organize and attend those rallies are not deranged and are not violent, quite the contrary.

Hypothesis 2) seems more plausible. When Rep. Costello has appeared among constituents outside his office on Market St.–which is a good thing to do–it has been without advance notice; and the town hall he has held was inside the Courthouse, with security screening. That is not an irrational decision, given the attack in a public venue on former congresswoman Gabby Giffords (D-AZ) and those around her. Even the most pro-gun members of Congress do not seem eager to allow members of the public to bring guns into the Capitol building.

I have often noticed that the shades on Rep. Costello’s office windows are drawn. His staff have said that is because they fear papers on their desks being seen from outside, but that’s hard to understand, as his windows are one floor above ground level. Perhaps the real fear is being shot at from outside?

If Rep. Costello and his staff are really worried about the dangers posed by unstable people who should not have access to guns, can we expect him to oppose bills now before Congress that would make it easier for people to carry concealed guns, to equip weapons with silencers, and to bring firearms into public schools?

We’ll see, but it’s hard to be optimistic, since Rep. Costello recently voted for HR 1181, to allow gun purchase by almost 200,000 veterans who currently are prevented from buying guns by action of Veterans Administration medical professionals under the National Instant Background Check system.

Still, Rep. Costello likes to represent himself as a moderate representing a “purple” district, and perhaps his security concerns will give him a chance to distance himself from the NRA and to show that he has everyone’s security at heart, not just his own.

Nathaniel Smith
West Chester

EMILY’s List puts Reps. Costello, Meehan, Smucker ‘on notice’ for records on women’s issues

By Michael Rellahan, Daily Local News, 7/30/17

The news that a national organization dedicated to supporting female candidates who support pro-abortion positions has targeted U.S. Rep. Ryan Costello for defeat in the 2018 election came as no surprise to members of his campaign.

But the response offered was to call out the candidate that EMILY’s List has endorsed for the seat, Democrat Chrissy Houlahan for not taking public positions of the issues that the group attacked Costello for.

Last week, EMILY’s List announced that it is putting “on notice” 50 Republican candidates for the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate for having taken what it called “appallingly anti-woman, anti-family records.” The group promised to help defeat the incumbents — who include all three of the House members who represent districts in Chester County, in the 2018 midterm elections.

The effort, explained Stephanie Schriock, president of EMILY’s List, “is a targeted opposition program. This group of Republicans has been particularly bad at supporting women and their families, not least with votes to defund Planned Parenthood.”…

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Costello’s office again target of protesters

by Kacey Stewart, Daily Local News, 4/19/17

WEST CHESTER >> Protesters gathered again outside the Historic Chester County Courthouse Wednesday evening in support of the Affordable Care Act. Despite a drop in temperature, picketers still turned out with signs, many wearing the pink “pussy hats” made popular at the Women’s March which took place in January. The demonstrators urged U.S. Rep. Ryan Costello, R-6, to support the ACA, also known as Obamacare.

This was yet another in a string of protests regarding Costello and his stance on health care. A moderate Republican, he has stated that he would be interested in maintaining parts of the ACA, such as coverage of those with pre-existing conditions and the ability for children to stay on their parent’s plan until the age of 26. Costello voted for the American Health Care Act (AHCA) in committee, but has said that he would have voted against it in a final vote. After a town hall meeting in which constituents were able to voice their concerns to Costello, many continued to feel dissatisfied with the answers he provided.

Protest organizer Beth Sweet said the protests such as these are meant to remind Costello of the promises made to his constituents regarding health care….

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Moderate Republican Costello feels health care pressure in town hall

by Eric Bradner, CNN Politics, 4/8/17

West Chester, Pennsylvania (CNN)Thirty minutes before he’d face riled-up constituents in a Saturday afternoon town hall here, Rep. Ryan Costello looked out the window of his second-floor office.

“Give us his tax returns,” he chuckled, reading a passerby protester’s sign.

“A roller-blader now is telling me about it,” Costello muttered five minutes later as another man skated by.

Costello is so attuned to those protesting him that in an interview, he laid out the schedules of each of the groups that protest outside his office in West Chester’s town center daily and weekly. “On good days there’s 50; on bad days there’s 15,” he said.

Costello even asked the local chapter of Indivisible, a group opposed to President Donald Trump’s agenda, to delay its planned noon Saturday protest by two hours to avoid a conflict with a military academy nomination event. It obliged.
“Hopefully there will be more,” he said, looking outside shortly after 2 p.m. ET. “The more people, the better. It’s democracy.”

That Costello is paying such close attention to progressive protesters underscores the pressure he and other more moderate Republicans in swing districts are feeling from an energized Democratic base as House Republican leadership and the White House to discuss repealing Obamacare.

Costello’s district in Philadelphia’s western suburbs voted in favor of Hillary Clinton over Trump by 1 percentage point — and though Costello won his second term by 14 points, in a swing region he’s sure to be a Democratic target in the 2018 midterms. …

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