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Speak Out Against Judicial Mass Impeachment!

TTDem Committee, March 21, 2018

Pennsylvania state Republicans called yesterday for the mass impeachment of the four Supreme Court justices who voted to strike down their gerrymandered Congressional districting map and impose a new map for the 2018 elections. Having failed to persuade three courts, including the US Supreme Court, of the validity of their claims, state Republicans hope to simply cleanse the court of the four justices whose ruling they don’t like.

This assault flies in the face of the principle of judicial independence, one of the underpinnings of our form of government. If judges have to fear impeachment for decisions legislators don’t like, courts cannot properly function.

Rep. Ryan Costello in particular has been outspoken in calling for the mass impeachment of the justices with whom he disagrees.

Please call your state and national representatives today and ask them to speak out publicly against this attack on the state judiciary.

Contact Information: [for Tredyffrin; find others here]

State Rep. Warren Kampf, Paoli office: 610-251-2876

Sate Sen. Andy Dinniman, West Chester office: 610-692-2112

Congressman Ryan Costello, West Chester office: 610-696-2982

Sign and send the petition to your legislators: Do not impeach state Supreme Court justices

Petition from Daily Kos, 3/21/18

In a stunning display of contempt for democracy and the rule of law, Pennsylvania Republican state Rep. Cris Dush has introduced a resolution to impeach the state Supreme Court justices who struck down the GOP’s congressional gerrymander and replaced it with a much fairer map for the 2018 elections.

This maneuver came just a day after the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously rejected the GOP’s bid to block the state court’s ruling, demonstrating that even the conservative-majority federal bench thinks Pennsylvania Republicans have no legal leg to stand on.

The bad news? Republicans hold enough seats needed to impeach judges thanks to their gerrymanders of the legislature, which gave them a solid hold on the state House and the minimum two-thirds of necessary seats in the state Senate.

The good news? All we need is one Republican in the state Senate to block this charade. That’s why Pennsylvanians must contact their legislators, and pressure them against the undemocratic travesty.

Sign and send the petition to your Pennsylvania legislators: Do not impeach justices.

Expectations of a Mapmaker

By Amanda, 18.Feb.2018

With the failure of the General Assembly and Governor to approve a map by the court deadline, it now falls to Nathaniel Persily to draw Pennsylvania’s next congressional map. This court-appointed special master is known for his skills as a mapmaker in other states. No matter how skilled, no one is perfect. How will we know if he gets it right in Pennsylvania?
Population Deviation

The court directive to keep counties and municipalities whole was clear. Strong constitutional language bans any splits that are not necessary. Federal courts provide states with some flexibility to district population so they may protect the boundaries of their local governments.

In some instances, by creating districts which vary slightly in population, counties and municipalities may stay whole which would otherwise be split. Pennsylvania law does not require mathematical equality. Federal law allows small deviations to avoid splits.

What does this mean? A split is not “absolutely necessary” when by using a small population variance the result would respect more local government boundaries than is possible by using no variance….

keep reading by Amanda

Sign the petition: Stop the Republican War on Voting. Fix Pennsylvania’s gerrymander.

Daily Kos, 2/9/18

Pennsylvania’s congressional district map is one of the most shameless gerrymanders in the country, and is a big reason why Republicans have a majority in Congress.

The Pennsylvania state Supreme Court found it unconstitutional and has ordered the state legislature to submit a new map before the 2018 elections.

But Pennsylvania Republicans are refusing to listen. After the U.S. Supreme Court denied their appeal, they are now talking about impeaching the state Supreme Court.

Impeaching the state’s Supreme Court justices would require a supermajority of the state Senate, which Pennsylvania Republicans unfortunately have because … gerrymandering.

Sign the petition: Stop partisan Republican attacks voting rights. End Pennsylvania’s gerrymander.

Our Message to Pennsylvania state legislature :

Pennsylvania Republicans need to stop attacking voting rights. Instead of impeaching judges for doing their jobs, start doing your job and draw fair maps.