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Lawsuit challenging how Republicans drew Pennsylvania’s congressional districts 6 years ago will proceed, court decides

Lancaster Online, from AP, 11/9/11

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — A state-level challenge to how congressional districts were drawn by Republicans six years ago will proceed on a compressed schedule, a closely divided Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled on Thursday.

The Supreme Court’s 4-3 decision overturned a lower court judge’s ruling last month that had put the dispute on hold.

The order said the case “involves issues of immediate public importance” and gave Commonwealth Court only until Dec. 31 to issue findings of fact and legal conclusions.
Redistricting reform effort to kick off in Lancaster County

“We are thrilled that Pennsylvania voters will have their day in court,” said Mimi McKenzie, legal director of the Public Interest Law Center and part of a team that represents the plaintiffs, a group that includes people who live in each of the 18 districts and the state’s League of Women Voters.

“I think the average citizen doesn’t have to do more than look at the distorted shapes of these districts to understand that something is very much amiss,” McKenzie said….

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This map, part of a presentation by Fair Districts PA, shows Pennsylvania’s 7th U.S. House district, which extends into eastern Lancaster County. It is regularly cited as one of the clearest examples of gerrymandering in the country. [The preceding caption is from Lancaster Online. Look at the salient point of Tredyffrin to the east: it adjoins the 7th district and you could be in the 2nd and 13th districts in a couple of minutes. Absurd! Gerrymandering is the antithesis of democracy and community representation. Gerrymandering is a bane that degrades government, spreads disillusion with voting, and perpetuates political extremism by aiming to create non-competitive districts (but that part isn’t going to work around here in 2018!).]


From PA Democratic Committee, 9/24/17

PENNSYLVANIA — Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Marcel L. Groen today echoed the statement from PA Supreme Court Candidate and former Pittsburgh Steeler Judge Dwayne Woodruff on President Trump’s disparagement of NFL players’ peaceful protests. Trump’s words ignited a firestorm of news headlines, comments from current NBA athletes, NFL league, celebrities and many more. On social media, these trending topics led to hashtags, such as #TakeAKneeNFL.

Judge Woodruff said:

“This past Friday, the leader of our country made disparaging comments, which only serve to push our country to become more divided and ultimately penalizes our First Amendment rights under the Constitution. The history of our country records the courageous efforts by people we now consider heroes such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Muhammad Ali and Rosa Parks; they endeavored against great opposition, to gain and preserve rights and freedom for current and future generations. We must continue to be a country united in justice and equality for all.”

Chairman Groen added:

“I completely agree with Judge Woodruff, who, as a former Steeler, pro-bowler, and Super Bowl champion, knows exactly how to speak to this issue. The president’s remarks were totally uncalled for. He is not our tweeter-in-chief, he is supposed to be our commander-in-chief, but that would require a degree of class. I urge each and every person in the commonwealth to vote for Judge Woodruff and the entire Democratic Slate of Eight on Tuesday, November 7, 2017.”

About Dwayne Woodruff (partial CV):

The Honorable Dwayne D. Woodruff is a Judge on the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County – Pittsburgh, presiding primarily in the Family Court Division since 2005. Woodruff earned a degree from the University of Louisville (1979) and a Juris Doctor from Duquesne University School of Law (1988), which he attended, full time at night during his professional football career with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Woodruff has the unprecedented, dual career distinction in professional sports; simultaneously practicing law with the Meyer Darragh firm and playing football for the Pittsburgh Steelers for three years from 1988 to 1990. Judge Woodruff currently serves on the board of the National Commission of Juvenile and Family Court Judges and the Allegheny County Jail Oversight Board, co-chairs Pittsburgh SAFE Workgroup (Shared Accountability for Education) and serves on Educational Success & Truancy Prevention Committee (ESTP). Woodruff resides in Pittsburgh with his wife, Joy.

September 24, 2017
CONTACT Brandon Cwalina, brandon@padems.com / Teresa Lundy, Teresa@Woodruff2017.com

Wolf readies search for Pa. Supreme Court appointee

by Brad Christman, WITF, 3/21/17

(Harrisburg) — Governor Tom Wolf is looking for potential appointees to the state Supreme Court.

Under the state Constitution, the governor names an appointee to the vacant Supreme Court seat and that person must then garner a two-thirds majority confirmation vote in the state Senate.

He says he doesn’t have short list.

“I want to make sure working with them to come up with a nominee who is acceptable,” Wolf says. “I want this to be as open as possible.”

The governor says this process will not play out like Supreme Court standoff in Washington D.C….

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East Whiteland Election Results Analysis

by Bill Holmes, East Whiteland Dems, 11/18/15

For the third consecutive Township Supervisor election, a Democratic Supervisor candidate has won a hard fought contest. The last 2 Supervisor races have been decided by less than a 1% margin. These small margins reinforce what we have been communicating to voters in recent elections – each vote matters!

Generally speaking, Democratic candidates did well in East Whiteland. Here are some of the highlights in the township.

All of the Supreme Court candidates outperformed their opponents and captured nearly 55% of the overall votes.

Court of Common Pleas judicial candidate Julia Malloy-Good won East Whiteland with nearly 54% of the vote.

County Commissioner Kathi Cozzone was the top vote getter for the County Commissioner’s race. It should be noted that this is the first time that a Democratic candidate for a county row office seat has won in East Whiteland.

These results reflect the hard work of our Committee people and volunteers. Once again we have demonstrated that grassroots efforts can make it a difference. Please consider getting involved as there are plenty ways to volunteer.