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Jeff Sessions is dead-wrong on marijuana

email from John Fetterman, candidate for Lieutenant Governor, 1/10/18. (At this point in the election cycle, this site helps bring to readers’ attention thoughts and issues raised by varied Dem candidates who are expected to be on the May 15 primary ballot.)

I’ll never fully understand why we’re so hung up on marijuana in this country.

Last week, Jeff Sessions chose to revive the decades-old war on drugs by encouraging attorneys in the Department of Justice to freely prosecute buyers, sellers, and users of cannabis under federal law.

It’s hard for me to imagine that in a time when the opioid epidemic is ravaging entire communities across Pennsylvania, we would need to spend our limited resources on prosecuting adults who choose to use cannabis in their spare time. It’s equally as hard for me to imagine how we could ignore the deeply negative impact that this nation’s drug policy has had on African Americans and people of color over the past few decades.

Jeff Sessions is dead-wrong on marijuana, and his drug-war agenda needs to be stopped now.

If you agree, sign my petition to show your support for legalizing marijuana and putting an end to this administration’s radical war on drugs. Continue reading

Pa. A.G. Shapiro visits Kennett to wage war on opioid crisis

By Fran Maye, Daily Local News, 9/01/17

KENNETT SQUARE >> Determined to curb an opioid epidemic that is now the leading cause of death for all Americans under age 50, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro came to the borough Thursday morning to discuss the crisis with state lawmakers, municipal officials and law enforcement officers.

“I need to know what’s happening on the ground and how my office can assist in the local efforts,” said Shapiro, who has visited eight counties in the past two days. “We need to have a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach to deal with the number one public health threat in Pennsylvania – the heroin and opioid epidemic. And these forums provide a great opportunity.” …

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Support Governor Wolf in supporting ACA

Sign the petition here.

At the top of the Trump agenda is repealing the Affordable Care Act, including the repeal of Medicaid expansion — which nearly 700,000 Pennsylvanians rely on for healthcare. In addition, 63,000 people suffering from addiction accessed drug and alcohol treatment through Medicaid.

We cannot afford to repeal healthcare for hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians or make cuts to Medicaid — especially in the wake of this public health crisis that affects so many of our friends, family members, and neighbors — sign the petition to save the Affordable Care act.

Below is further background information in a 1/27 email from the Governor, who “invited Speaker Ryan to visit a drug and alcohol treatment center and meet a few of the 63,000 people who have received care as a result of the Medicaid expansion provisions created under the Affordable Care Act.” Of course, Speaker Ryan refused. Continue reading