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The Scariest Thing You’ll See This Halloween

The State Legislature sent the Governor a revenue plan last week that is downright scary. This shameful witches’ brew of bad governance underscores why I want to bring my financial expertise and my experience working across the aisle to balance budgets responsibly to Harrisburg. Won’t you stand with me against this insanity?

The Legislature’s revenue package is unsustainable. It relies on massive borrowing that delays our problems rather than solving them. Majority Leadership seems to have taken off their “fiscally conservative” masks.

The Legislature’s revenue package is irresponsible and reckless. It raids other funds that are earmarked for future spending, and it assumes new revenues from expanded gambling without any real idea on what those new gambling outlets would bring in. Like a spooky ghost going “bump” in the night, that revenue might just be all in their imagination.

This revenue package, delivered well past the witching hour, forces the Governor to choose between a bad plan or a lack of funding that shortchanges our schools, seniors and public safety. I want to help us avoid this choice in the future. Please consider helping today.

Your Friend,

Kathi Cozzone
(Chester County Commissioner, 2018 candidate for PA Lieutenant Governor)

Commissioner Kathi Cozzone to announce run for lieutenant governor

by Michael Rellahan, Daily Local News, 8/21/17

WEST CHESTER >> Citing a desire to bring issues affecting local governments to attention in Harrisburg and to give the governor an advocate to work with both political parties, Chester County Commissioner Kathi Cozzone intends to announce her candidacy for lieutenant governor Tuesday.

“I think the governor needs a partner who understands how to work across the aisle for the benefit of the residents of Pennsylvania,” said Cozzone in an interview Monday with the Daily Local News. “And local government needs a voice” to combat the “systematic cuts” that have been forced on communities by the General Assembly, from counties to municipalities to school boards.

“That isn’t the way to do things,” Cozzone declared. “I think we can do it better, and I think I’m the one to do it.”

Cozzone will make her announcement in an event at 2 p.m. Tuesday on the front steps of the Historic Chester County Courthouse, where she began her political career in 2008 after two decades in private business. The Democrat is expected to be joined in person or by letter by other politicians and supporters who endorse her candidacy. The election is in 2018….

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State and Federal Budget Proposals Threaten Chester County

from Chester County Commissioner Kathi Cozzone

In 2017, misguided leadership in Harrisburg and Washington has created funding challenges for all levels of Government. This budget season, Chester County faces devastating state and federal funding cuts. The result of these cuts could force property tax increases, cuts in vital programs or both. Read below for more information and contact your legislators to help us defeat these bad budgets!

Trump Budget Proposal

President Trump’s first budget proposal to Congress contained shocking cuts to a variety of important priorities that could harm everything from the environment to national security. But the elimination of funding for Community Development Block Grants would have the worst effect on the County. Over the past 10 years, this funding has meant almost $15 Million for Chester County non-profits doing essential work in our communities and $7 Million for local municipalities for projects that encourage economic development and improve quality of life. I wrote about these reckless cuts in a Op-Ed published in the Daily Local, the Chester County Press and the Chester County Times. Read it here for more details. 

Contact your Federal officials and let them know that they must reject these cuts! Click here for contact info for your Congressman and here for our US Senators.

State House Budget

The County faces a similar situation concerning State funding. The State mandates that Counties provide many services, from Courts and Prisons to Human Services and Elections. This year, the budget passed by the State House drastically cuts funding for some of these mandated priorities, including zeroing-out several line items to create totally unfunded mandates. Chester County has been a leader in reducing the prison population through initiatives like mental health interventions, alternative sentencing and recovery court. That is why I am so concerned about the elimination of funding for Adult Probation, which would force more low-level offenders back into the County prison – increasing costs and leading to worse outcomes. 

The County Commissioners unanimously passed a resolution calling for restoration of state funding to Counties, and we have met with our legislators and their staff to discuss this issue. You can read coverage of our resolution in the Daily Local here. Of course, the legislators need to hear from you! Find your State Senator and State Rep here, and let them know they need to restore funding for Counties in their final budget.

Together we can defeat these federal and state budget cuts, but only if we stay informed and make our voices heard, Join me in resisting bad policy that will hurt our community by calling, mailing or e-mailing your legislators today!

Block grant cuts will be devastating

Op/Ed, Times of Chester County, by Kathi Cozzone, Chester County Commissioner, 4/5/17

President Trump has presented his first budget proposal, a document containing many surprises, and quite a few points that have alarmed various groups of people from housing advocates to environmentalists to diplomats. Count me among the alarmed. In Pennsylvania, Counties are on the front lines of spending on human services. We leverage a wide range of tax dollars from the Federal and State Governments to run important intervention programs through our various departments. We also work closely with the non-profit community, which is heavily supported by government grants to do the hard work serving our vulnerable citizens.

A lot of attention in the media has focused on cuts that would ultimately impact the Meals on Wheels program, perhaps because it is a universally well-known and indisputably effective program that receives broad public support. This cut is actually part of a much larger Trump budget cut – the elimination of Community Development Block Grants. This cut must be understood for the huge impact it would have on a variety of programs, some well-known like Meals on Wheels and others more under the radar, but all vital to the health of our residents and the stability of our communities….

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