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Dr. John George on “the plight of our citizens”

Dr. John George, a long-serving educator, is withdrawing from the race for the 16th congressional district Dem nomination, but not without a heartfelt blast at the direction our country has recently taken — or better said, been lured and coerced into:

“I originally chose to enter this race primarily because I was appalled by the rapid dissolution of integrity, honesty, and ethics that has occurred in our executive and legislative branches of government. I was also distraught and angered by the injustices that were, and continue to be, inflicted against our citizens and many of our respected public institutions. As a citizen and a community leader, I believe I had an obligation to stand up, speak out, and act.

“Since I initially launched my campaign, the plight of our citizens has worsened. Many of our elected officials have made it abundantly clear that they are willing to sacrifice traditional American values like goodness, kindness, empathy, and respect to advance a political agenda that may benefit a few but significantly harm many. Instead of declaring war on poverty, they have declared war on those living in poverty. They have abandoned the middle class and pandered to the rich. They have tried to make access to affordable health care a privilege rather than a right. They claimed to be fiscal stewards while they plan to significantly add to our national debt. Their silence has promoted racism and their selective blindness has justified treachery. They seek to profit off the education of children and fail to understand that public education is the bastion of democracy….”

quoted in “George suspends campaign for 16th Congressional District seat,” Daily Local News, 12/6/17