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2018 Dem candidates chip away at Trumpist Smucker in PA-16

from Christina Hartman, 8/31/17:

We need a real representative, not just a Trump rubber-stamp!

I opened the LNP this morning to see a report on Rep. Lloyd Smucker’s first eight months in Congress. Here are some highlights:

-Smucker “has a nearly perfect score in voting with his party,” including a vote to weaken Obama-era rules protecting Main Street from Wall Street greed.

-Smucker voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act and throw millions of Americans off their health insurance (and make being a woman a pre-existing condition, again).

-Smucker has voted “essentially 100 percent” in line with Donald Trump’s disastrous agenda.

We deserve a real representative, not just a rubber-stamp. If you agree, please chip in $10 or more to support my campaign before our August deadline….

and from Jess King, 8/31/17

Despite having the entire month of August off, Rep. Lloyd Smucker has not held a single public town hall to hear from constituents and explain his vote for the GOP health care bill. I decided that if he wasn’t going to hold a town hall, if he won’t answer your questions about health care, then I would. Yesterday, I held a town hall outside his district office in Lancaster to discuss how we can transform our healthcare system.

At our town hall event last night, I heard my neighbors’ fears about the GOP health care bill and their excitement about Medicare-for-All. A friend of mine shared how she survived breast cancer twice. She said if Obamacare’s protections for patients with pre-existing conditions were repealed then “her son would be without a mom.” Listening to your stories reinspired me to win this campaign and bring our vision for a Medicare-for-All system to Washington.

But changing the status quo won’t be easy. Will you join us by donating to the campaign today?

I believe it is wrong for any American to live in the richest nation on this Earth and be denied medical care simply because they cannot pay. No one should suffer an illness or die because they cannot afford available treatment. Health care must be recognized as a right, not a privilege….

Single-payer system would solve health care woes

by Jess King, 2018 candidate for congressional district PA-16, at Lancaster Online, 5/21/17, excerpt:

…The reality we face is a rigged political system in which only the biggest, most entrenched insurance corporations get their way.

Over the past four decades, health insurance industry lobbyists have literally been writing our legislation and consolidating their control over a complicated system, while leaving the rest of us to navigate a perilous maze.

What we need is health care policy whose starting point is the concrete needs and experiences of everyday people. For most of us, deciding among competing insurance agencies is like pulling teeth. Which ones include the doctor I’ve been seeing for years, let alone the same health system? What is actually covered?

I attempted to get prices from different doctors last year as I rationed and evaluated spending toward my massive insurance deductible. They couldn’t give me prices for the procedures they offered; they didn’t know the numbers, or even how to get them.

Other numbers are available, and they are telling. The United States spends more than double the average of other developed countries and gets far worse outcomes. We have the highest child mortality rate in the developed world and lower life expectancy than our peers.

Other developed countries are more advanced than we are in making sure citizens have access to quality health care, and it costs them less than what we pay for a system that leaves millions behind. The money wasted on insurance company administration and bloated executive pay could extend coverage to America’s uninsured.

A recent Economist/YouGov poll found that most Americans support “expanding Medicare to provide health insurance to every American.”…

read the full column at Lancaster Online