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Moderate Republican Costello feels health care pressure in town hall

by Eric Bradner, CNN Politics, 4/8/17

West Chester, Pennsylvania (CNN)Thirty minutes before he’d face riled-up constituents in a Saturday afternoon town hall here, Rep. Ryan Costello looked out the window of his second-floor office.

“Give us his tax returns,” he chuckled, reading a passerby protester’s sign.

“A roller-blader now is telling me about it,” Costello muttered five minutes later as another man skated by.

Costello is so attuned to those protesting him that in an interview, he laid out the schedules of each of the groups that protest outside his office in West Chester’s town center daily and weekly. “On good days there’s 50; on bad days there’s 15,” he said.

Costello even asked the local chapter of Indivisible, a group opposed to President Donald Trump’s agenda, to delay its planned noon Saturday protest by two hours to avoid a conflict with a military academy nomination event. It obliged.
“Hopefully there will be more,” he said, looking outside shortly after 2 p.m. ET. “The more people, the better. It’s democracy.”

That Costello is paying such close attention to progressive protesters underscores the pressure he and other more moderate Republicans in swing districts are feeling from an energized Democratic base as House Republican leadership and the White House to discuss repealing Obamacare.

Costello’s district in Philadelphia’s western suburbs voted in favor of Hillary Clinton over Trump by 1 percentage point — and though Costello won his second term by 14 points, in a swing region he’s sure to be a Democratic target in the 2018 midterms. …

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Tell your congressional rep: defend health care

See the excellent “Recess Toolkit” with tips for your visit to Rep. Ryan, Meehan, or Smucker set forth by Indivisible in “Obamacare is the Law of the Land”—Affordable Care Act Talking Points for April Recess.

Here are the first few “Talking Points for Office Visits”:

The ACA is the law of the land. I will not tolerate any more time wasted on TrumpCare, which would have taken away care from 24 million people and cut Medicaid by $880 billion dollars in order to give tax cuts to the wealthy, insurance companies, and other big corporations.

I opposed this bill, and will continue to hold YOU [your MoC] accountable for preserving quality, affordable coverage.

If the White House tries to make the bill even worse, by allowing states to end protections for people with pre-existing conditions, I expect you to stand up for the tens of thousands in our district who could be charged higher premiums.

Congress is responsible for ensuring the existing health care system works. We will hold you accountable for any action that makes healthcare more expensive or drives insurance companies out of the marketplaces.

The individual mandate needs to be enforced to ensure that healthy people participate, which will help keep premiums affordable. Without the mandate, premiums might rise and insurers might decide it’s not a good bet to offer insurance in the marketplace….

keep reading at “Obamacare is the Law of the Land”—Affordable Care Act Talking Points for April Recess.

Congressional web sites do not really encourage in-person meetings. To talk to a staff member, your best method may be to go to your local office, enter, and ask to talk to a staff member. Be prepared to give them something cogent to note down.