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Trump turns US into rogue climate state

Letter from Dr. B. Gerard Bricks in The Times of Chester County, Jun 23rd, 2017

Trump has withdrawn the US from the Paris Climate Agreement. Trump has turned the US into a rogue climate state.Trump is lying to us and the rest of the world about Global Warming/Climate Change (GW/CC) and the supposedly negative economic consequences to the US had the US not withdrawn.

Fortunately, the US does have progressive, forward thinking, fact-based leaders at other levels in the public and private sectors to take the lead. “WeAreStillIn” is proclaimed by: 131 Cities and Counties, 9 States, 186 Colleges and Universities, and over 900 Business and Investors.

These climate leaders know and understand the facts that Trump and his administration do not.

The US has 25% of the world’s GP, spends $1 Trillion/year on our war machine, so contributing a couple $Billion to the Green Climate Fund to help poor countries mitigate the effects of GW/CC is NOT too costly.

The US has only 4.3% of the world’s population, yet our cumulative emissions have created 29% of the GW/CC problem. We have created far more than our fair share of the problem, but Trump says we will not help solve the problem. In fact, he’s going to do his best to make it worse.

This is a global issue and requires a global response. CO2 emitted in the US does not stay in the US. It’s everywhere; the atmosphere is well mixed.

Earth’s atmosphere is a common good. It belongs to every human walking the face of the earth. It is NOT our exclusive greenhouse gas dump….

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With the Resistance

Letter in Kennett Paper, 1/26/17 (not online there)

I’d like to be the first to welcome Mr. Munter (Kennett Paper, 1/19/17) back from that sand pile he’s had his head buried in for the last 8 years.

He wants us to be humble and cooperate with our new Mr. Minority President for the good of the country. Cooperate? Really?

Clearly, he forgets the #BigRepublicanDisasters that Mr Obama inherited 8 years ago from Bush the Lesser. Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan based upon lies about WMD. Torture. Guantanamo Gulag. The economy cratering from the #GreatBushRecession, enabled by #RepublicanDeregulation on financial institutions (overturning Glass-Steagall). Unemployment exploding at 700,000 per month. Millions out of work, millions losing their homes. National debt ballooning because of the wars, tax cuts for the rich, costs of the Recession.

He forgets the total lack of cooperation/compromise by #RepublicanObstructionists to solve the #BigRepublicanDisasters that they created.

He forgets that on Inauguration Day, Jan 20, 2009, #RepublicanObstructionists were across town in DC plotting from Day 1 to subvert Mr. Obama’s agenda.

He forgets the massive, unprecedented number of times the #RepublicanObstructionists filibustered bills, refused to confirm judges and executive office appointees. More times than the total for all the other Presidents combined in the 200-year history of the country.  He forgets #RepublicanObstructionists refusal to even consider the nomination of Judge Garland to SCOTUS.

He forgets former Republican Congressman Walsh (SC) screaming “You Lie” during Mr. Obama’s speech to Congress. He forgets the Tea Partiers with their obnoxious racist words, images and placards. He forgets the Birther Movement led by our now Mr. Minority President. Blatant racism.

Should we cooperate with Mr. Minority President, the serial sexual predator? Cooperate With Mr. Minority President, the pathological liar (reaffirmed on Day 1 of his term)?

Cooperate with Mr. Minority President, who speaks for the racists, homophobes, Islamophobes, Hispanophobes, white supremacists/nationalists? A very prototypical list of despicable Republican characteristics.

Cooperate with Mr. Minority President and his hateful rhetoric on social media?

Cooperate with Mr. Minority President and his corporate billionaire #SwampCabinet?

Cooperate with a Southern racist AG nominee (Sessions) who will kill Civil Rights and Voting Rights legislation and return us to Jim Crow? Cooperate with Republicans who have spent the last 8 years lying repeatedly about voter fraud, and using that cover to engage in their #RepublicanElectionFraud? (Florida ‘00, Ohio ’04, nationwide ’16)

Cooperate with HHS nominee (insider-trading Price) to gut Medicare, Medicaid and SS?

Cooperate with DoEd nominee (DeVos), who has no experience in education, will destroy public education by corporatization and institute Christian indoctrination?

Cooperate with Global Warming denier, liar, and fossil fuel zealot for State (Tillerson)?

Or the EPA (Pruitt), the anti-regulation zealot who will gut our clean air and water regulations? Welcome back to the future of burning rivers (Cuyahoga), air that’s not fit to breathe, drinking water contaminated like Flint or worse.

Or Interior (Zinke) who will give away our National Parks to the vulture capitalists? Welcome back to the scorched earth everywhere.

Or Energy (Perry)?  Perry, a Republican governor who had more D’s than A’s on his college transcript in the meat curriculum, replacing a Nobel Laureate (Chu) and nuclear physicist from MIT (Monitz) under Obama. Onward to irreversible climate change!

Welcome back to continued lies about the Affordable Care Act and #RepublicanDeathPanels. The ACA will be gutted or eliminated, taking away health insurance from 20,000,000 Americans. Estimates are that loss of ACA insurance will lead to 45,000 unnecessary deaths per year. Translate that to PA where there are about 500,000 insured under the ACA, and it is over 1000 deaths of our fellow Pennsylvanians.

If you are a Pennsylvanian and voted for Trump, you have co-signed the death warrant of over 1000 of your fellow Pennsylvanians. Your Representative (Smucker), your Senator (Toomey), and your Mr. Minority President will be the executioners.

Welcome to the first act of “Blood on Their Hands: #RepublicanDeathPanels, #RepublicanDirtyAirDirtyWater” by Despicable Don and the Deplorables, produced and directed by the Disgusting Congressional Republicans.

Will I cooperate with these serial liars, hypocrites, fascists, racists, kleptocrats, plutocrats, vulture capitalists, anti-science global warming deniers, anti-abortionists, homophobes, Islamophobes….? Absolutely not. Will I cooperate with plutocratic government of, by, and for the rich? Absolutely not.

I’m with the Resistance.

Dr. B. Gerard Bricks
Kennett Square, PA

Don’t waste your vote on Trump, and waste the country

Letter in the KENNETT PAPER, 20 Oct 2016, from KAD

Once again, Mr. Lamb (Kennett Paper, 10/06) presents a set of egregiously flawed arguments; this time to suggest ‘we not waste our vote,’ and indeed vote for Trump, the leader and teacher. Absolute nonsense.

Really? Teach us what? How to be a sexual predator, or pathological liar, or cheat your subcontractors? Maybe he could teach white nationalism and racial bigotry? Or perhaps their close cousins: xenophobia, Islamophobia, Hispanophobia, or homophobia? Will he teach birtherism and global warming denialism?

I may have voted for Bernie in the Primary, but I would never waste my vote on Trump, and thereby threaten the future survival not only of this country but the world. Would I really want to give the keys to the nuclear kingdom to an individual whose intellect, recklessness, and emotional stability is the epitome of those 7th grade loudmouth playground bullies, only on steroids?

Nor would I waste my vote on a third-party candidate. One need only recall a third-party candidate (Nader) in FL in 2000 who gave us and the world the two disastrous terms of Bush the Lesser, chief architect (maybe that was Cheney) of wars, torture, Great Recession, tax cuts for the rich, and explosion of the national debt (over 90% of which is due to all our wars, not to Lamb’s great bogeyman in the sky, the Central Bankers).

Republican leaders wring their hands in faux anguish and feign surprise at this monster their Party has nominated as a Presidential candidate. However, they’ve been working diligently towards this end point for over 50 years – since their Goldwater debacle in 1964.

At that time they began to consciously implement their Southern Strategy, conceived by Kevin Phillips, to flip the racially bigoted states of the Old South to the Republican ledger. In successfully doing so, the GOP has become the Party of institutionalized racism, the party of Jeff Davis, Wallace, Thurmond, Faubus, etc. They are no longer the Party of Abe, Teddy, and Dwight.

The dog whistles have been loud and clear for these 50+ years. Nixon’s Law and Order. Reagan opened his 1980 campaign in Philadelphia, MS. Yes, that’s MS, not PA. That was very close to where 3 young civil rights workers were brutally murdered by KKKers for having the audacity to register African-Americans to vote in MS. Ronnie was preaching States Rights and denouncing ‘welfare queens’– loud dog whistles.

The dog whistles have been so loud, for so long, that finally all the dogs showed up in the 2016 Primaries and in Cleveland. Lo and behold, the end game; the party presents Trump to the country. The party has bought and paid for Trump. And now it owns him. Trump has finally exposed the intellectual and moral rot of the Republican Party. The stench is overwhelming. The Party deserves him; the country does not.

The damage that a morally, emotionally and intellectually bankrupt Trump could do to this country and the world, when aided and abetted by a bunch of gutless right-wing Republican sycophants, is virtually incalculable and unimaginable. We must not take that risk.

Therefore, I will vote for Secretary Clinton, and urge others to do likewise. Furthermore, I encourage everyone NOT to vote for any Republican candidates, at any level of government, who have either endorsed, or refused to denounce, Trump.

B. Gerard Bricks, PhD

Bricks v. Pitts, Toomey, Bush, and lies

letter from Dr. B. Gerard Bricks, Kennett Paper, 2/25/16

Once again, Mr. Pitts (R, PA-16, Kennett Paper 2/12/16) fear-mongers about the Federal debt. That’s what Republicans do. They flat-out lie to we-the-people in order to sell their absolutely disastrous economic and foreign policies. These policies blow up in our face, and explode the federal debt. Then the Republicans whine about the debt, and blame Obama. Hypocrites, one and all.

It is a well-established fact that the record deficits, and therefore the record debt, for the decade from 2009 to 2019 are due entirely to Bush/Pitts/Toomey/Republican economic and foreign policy debacles:

1) The unpaid-for Bush/Pitts/Toomey Tax Cuts for the rich;
2) the unpaid-for, $3+ Trillion wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that Bush/Pitts/Toomey put
on our credit card;
3) the Bush/Pitts/Toomey Economic Crash; and
4) the recovery costs for said crash. Continue reading