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Tracking Trump chaos through “A-team” turnover

Chart from “Tracking turnover in the Trump administration,” Brookings Institution, 3/16/18

The “A-team” is “the most influential positions within the executive office of the president.” These data count only the first appointee in each position, not subsequent departures.

See the cited source also for Cabinet positions, where with 3 departures in his first year, Trump is already 3 ahead of the 3 prior presidents’ first-year totals combined!

Progressive talking points on the Trump budget

Trump’s budget proposal includes a long list of awful ideas that would leave more families starving and more people in poverty. Here are just a few examples:

Massive cuts to Medicare and Medicaid
Elimination of student loan forgiveness programs
End food stamp program and replace with a “box” of canned food
Defund PBS and NPR
Huge cuts to science programs
Billions in cuts to K-12 public schools

Many parts of this country, right now, already suffer from high rates of poverty, hunger, lack of health care, and more. Rather than end this inequality and injustice, Trump wants to make that the norm for everyone in this country who isn’t rich.

As long as Republicans control Congress, there’s a good chance some or all of these things will become law — and millions of Americans will be hurt as a result.

He wants big increases in spending on the military, particularly to build a lot of new nuclear weapons that he can use to threaten World War III.

He wants massive increases for ICE, which is already breaking up families and ripping people from their homes and communities in service of Trump’s white nationalist agenda.

And yes, Trump also wants billions for a border wall.

Already Trump and his Republican allies in Congress are using deficits to justify these cuts. We need to make sure that in 2018 we send progressive Democrats to Congress who will not let deficits be used as an excuse to slash Medicare and schools — or as a reason we can’t provide Medicare for All.

What We Found in Trump’s Drained Swamp: Hundreds of Ex-Lobbyists and D.C. Insiders

by Derek Kravitz, Al Shaw and Isaac Arnsdorf, ProPublica, March 7

For the first time, political appointee and federal financial disclosure information is publicly searchable.

When the Trump administration took office early last year, hundreds of staffers from lobbying firms, conservative think tanks and Trump campaign groups began pouring into the very agencies they once lobbied or whose work they once opposed.

Today we’re making available, for the first time, an authoritative searchable database of 2,475 political appointees, including Trump’s Cabinet, staffers in the White House and senior officials within the government, along with their federal lobbying and financial records….

keep reading at ProPublica. Use the searchable database to find individual appointees. Bottom line:

of 2,475 Appointees:
187 Are Former Lobbyists
125 Worked at Conservative Think Tanks
254 Worked for Trump Campaign Groups

Nunes v. Mueller and Steele

See the just-released and formerly classified Nunes memo in “Republica,” Mother Jones, 2/2/18ns Release Nunes Memo Over Strong Objections From the FBI and Justice Department.”

See the Christopher Steele report on Trump’s controversial (to say the least) pre-presidential activities here.

The R’s have adopted the risky strategy of using the Nunes memo to try to distract attention from the ongoing Mueller investigation and the Steele dossier, formally titled “Russia/Cyber Crime: A Synopsis of Russian State Sponsored and Other Cyber Offensive (Criminal) Operations.”