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These 8th graders solved gerrymandering

from Christina Hartman, a Dem candidate in CD-16, Feb 11, 2018

In West Chester, PA, teacher Jon Kimmel introduced his 8th-grade math students to the concept of gerrymandering. I want you to read their response:

“My students, getting their first taste (of the subject), were amazed at the audacity, flabbergasted at what this meant about democracy, and more than a little amused at the stupidity of adults,” Kimmel wrote in an essay recently.

“In a little over two weeks of class time,” the teacher wrote, “indeed, the group of eighth graders did do a better job than the Legislature.”

Now, compare that to the reaction of Republicans to our Supreme Court striking down their rigged maps:

— Republican members of Congress, including my opponent Lloyd Smucker, signed a letter saying the decision to draw fair maps was “unfortunate” and “misguided.”

— Smucker then went on TV and said the current rigged district maps are just “the process is essentially working as intended.”

— PA legislator Cris Dush accused Supreme Court members of “misbehavior” and called for their impeachment! (It’s like Tom Brady wanting the referee fired for calling the Super Bowl for the Eagles.)

Our campaign is about more than flipping one district or replacing one congressman. It’s about getting back to the kind of common sense that exists in that 8th-grade classroom — but not in Congress.

It’s about honestly making your case to voters instead of rigging the process in your favor. It’s about being 100% transparent, and meeting constituents face-to-face, even if they disagree with you.

I’m hopeful that the new maps will ensure a level playing field, and not favor either party. In the meantime, we need to prepare for every possibility.

[n.b. at this point in the election cycle we post occasional items by or from candidates that inform our readers about important issues; we will give space to all candidates from whom we receive such information, without intending to imply endorsement or favoritism.]

These latest comments feel personal

email from Christina Hartman, candidate for US House PA-16, 1/14/18. (At this point in the election cycle, this site helps publicize, for readers’ reflection, any important thoughts and issues raised by Dem candidates who are expected to be on the May 15 primary ballot.)

You’ve probably seen the news about President Trump’s shameful comments about Haiti, El Salvador, and Africa this past week. I’ll be honest: I’ve been fuming.

While Trump has said many awful things, these words feel particularly personal.

I’ve spent much of my career working around the globe — including in Africa, where I made lifelong friends. On a recent trip to Liberia, I met with a group of incredible women who were running for political office — turns out we’d had lot of the same experiences!

I know that many people in our community who have done mission work overseas have had similar positive experiences. Trump’s view of those places and people who live there couldn’t be further from the truth.

But, perhaps most importantly, Trump doesn’t understand who WE are as a country — nor what makes us great.

Right now, America receives the best and brightest immigrants from all over the world — I see this in my hometown of Lancaster every day. Immigrants have brought new ideas, new businesses, and new energy to Southeast Pennsylvania, just as they have across the country.

We need every elected official — on both sides of the aisle — to condemn Trump’s comments. Remaining silent at this time speaks volumes.

We haven’t heard a peep about any of this from our opponent Lloyd Smucker. We can’t afford to be represented by someone who ignores us. We can’t afford someone who’s forgotten what makes America truly great.

Our campaign to kick Smucker out of Congress is picking up steam. With your help, we can restore true representation to this district, and finally hold Trump accountable for his words and actions.

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You know what I’m against. Here’s what I’m for

from Christina Hartman, PA-16 candidate, Dec 30, 2017

Quite a few of you asked me some version of this question:

“Okay Christina, we know what you’re against. You don’t like what Lloyd Smucker voted for this year — health care repeal, middle-class tax increases, giveaways to Wall Street. That’s easy. What are you FOR?”

2017 was a year of fighting back — resisting. But as 2018 approaches, I wanted to talk about a few things I’m for — and if you’re for them too, please click here and chip in $20.18 or more before our big end-of-year deadline.

— I’m FOR universal health care. We live in the richest country on the planet. Every single American should be able to see a doctor without thinking about what’s in their wallet.

— I’m FOR a tax code that rewards work, not just wealth. We should urge companies to create jobs here at home, not give tax breaks to those that ship jobs overseas.

— I’m FOR comprehensive immigration reform that creates a path to citizenship. “Family values” means keeping families together, not tearing them apart.

— I’m FOR transparency and open dialogue between people and government. Holding public in-person town halls is the bare minimum!

— I’m FOR a redistricting system that allows voters to choose their politicians, not a gerrymandered mess that allows politicians to choose voters. (Shout out to Fair Districts PA!)

— I’m FOR a campaign finance system that values people’s voices over dollars. I’m proud to have been endorsed by End Citizens United, but reversing Citizens United is just the first step. Running for office should be open to all, regardless of what’s in your bank account or who is in your rolodex.

This list is far from complete — but here’s the bottom line: If we take back Congress in 2018, we can enact an agenda that makes life BETTER for working Americans instead of just fighting policies that make life WORSE.

Our end-of-year fundraising numbers could determine whether or not the campaign is viable next year. (It’s part of the system I want to change!) Can you chip in $20.18 or another amount so we can accomplish big things in 2018 and beyond?

[n.b. at this point in the election cycle, without intending to imply endorsement or favoritism this site posts occasional items referencing thoughts and issues raised by Dem candidates.]

Christine Hartman an impressive candidate

Letter, Lancaster Online, 12/20/17 [n.b. at this point we post occasional items by or about candidates that get at important issues; this does not imply endorsement or favoritism, and we will include all candidates for whom we can get such info.]

As a registered independent, I thought I owed it to myself to attend Christine Hartman’s recent town hall in Ephrata. After U.S. Rep. Lloyd Smucker’s election, I opted to receive the congressman’s periodic emails and surveys, so it was only fair to hear the other side.

I have to admit to having had my expectations greatly exceeded. Hartman, who is running as a Democrat in the 16th Congressional District, is incredibly intelligent, energetic, focused and, most important, down-to-earth sincere. She answered a number of tough questions in an honest, straightforward manner, without a hint of the usual politician’s duplicity and equivocation. And what really shone through was her deep understanding of and care for Lancaster County.

It reminded me of the time I had to choose between two people to be our financial adviser. One person answered all of our questions wrong and the other person answered all of them right. The choice was easy. I think we are facing a similar situation as we head into the next congressional election. I left that meeting with absolutely no doubt that Christine Hartman is actually going to win.

David Bucher

[PS This is clearly a spontaneous grassroots letter, as her name is actually Christina]