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Dinniman Introduces Legislative Package on Pipelines

From Senator Andy Dinniman (D-19), July 24, 2017

WEST CHESTER (June 24, 2017) – State Senator Andy Dinniman has introduced a package of legislation designed to protect local communities, natural resources, and individual property rights in the crosshairs of the ever-growing number of pipelines planned in Chester County and Pennsylvania.

“While southeastern Pennsylvania and Chester County may not be home to actual drilling operations, our neighborhoods, communities, and natural resources are significantly impacted by the growing network of pipelines,” Dinniman said.

The bills are as follows:

• Senate Bill 605, introduced by Senator Dinniman and Senator John C. Rafferty, Jr., calls for establishing an impact fee that pipeline companies would pay to the municipalities and counties bisected by their pipelines. Under the legislation, the amount of the impact fee would be based on the acreage of linear feet plus right-of-way width of a pipeline using the county average land value in an affected area. Fifty percent of the impact fee would go to the county that is home to the respective pipeline. Forty percent would go to the municipality that is home to the pipeline. The remaining 10 percent would go to Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission for administration and enforcement of the law. The bill is currently in the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee.

• Senate Bill 574 would allow local municipalities and school districts to tax natural gas pipelines. …

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Judge Orders Sunoco To Halt Mariner East 2 Pipeline Construction In PA

by Justin Heinze, West Chester Patch, 7/25/17

WEST GOSHEN, PA — A judge ordered Tuesday that Sunoco halt all construction on the Mariner East 2 Pipeline across Pennsylvania. This comes just after another judge had granted the injunction filed by West Goshen Township against the oil giant weeks ago, ordering all drilling to halt indefinitely in Chester County.

“Safety has been our highest priority from the start, and this decision speaks directly to that concern,” Edward G. Meakim, West Goshen Township’s Chairman of the Township Board of Supervisors, said in an emailed statement Tuesday. “It also validates our position that no one, including Sunoco, is above the law and must be held to full compliance with our 2015 Settlement Agreement.”…

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(Carolyn Comitta represents the 156th PA House district and Andy Dinniman represents the 19th PA Senate district)

Senator (then Commissioner) Dinniman, 2004

from “Ryan Costello & VFAM, et Al.,” p. 7. Download the full document here. See Senator Dinniman’s op/ed in the Inquirer here.

…In 2004, Richard Lowry, advisor to the Chester County Retirement Board advised awarding $2.6
Million in additional funds to be allocated to VFAM despite three consecutive years of
underperformance by VFAM, including failing to meet its own benchmarks.

At that time, then Democratic Commissioner, Andy Dinniman raised the issue of an inappropriate relationship between fund managers and county elected officials as well as the RCCC. Dinniman raised the issue at public meetings and in an County Commissioners to take action and end pay to play in Chester County.

Dinniman pointed out the RCCC had received $47,700 in contributions from Richard Ireland and associates of VFAM over the 5 year period from 1999 to 2004, and suggested that the practice of receiving contributions from fund managers constituted at least the appearance of impropriety.

Despite the controversy, VFAM was awarded an additional $2.6 Million dollars in county retirement funds. Notably, as an article from the Inquirer points out, other options existed, such as investing those funds with the county’s top performing fund manager, as had been suggested by Lowry’s predecessor.

Ultimately, no rule was adopted prohibiting the practice of political parties in Chester County accepting donations from fund managers, like Richard Ireland, who were doing business with Chester County, or seeking to do business with the county.

Say no to pay to play

by Andy Dinniman, Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/26/04

Pay-to-play, a system by which those seeking to manage public pension funds make political contributions in hopes of receiving business, is an unfortunate part of today’s political scene.

As a member of the Chester County Retirement Board, I recently proposed that we adopt a clear policy statement against this practice and against even the perception that pay-to-play would be permissible.

My resolution would have forbidden any contribution to Retirement Board members or to a county political party from any money manager or financial consultant who has a county contract to invest retirement funds. It would also have required those submitting such proposals to disclose political contributions.

After a brief discussion, my proposal was defeated. Had there been legitimate objections or legal obstacles, it could have been tabled so that these concerns could have been researched. Instead, the motion was simply dismissed.

All of the Republican members of the board voted against the resolution. Each said he or she would not personally accept such donations, but refused to ban the practice and prevent contributions from being given to county political parties.

I don’t question the integrity of the Republican board members, but I do fault their logic. It is meaningless to say that one would personally not accept donations while letting the party accept such money some of which can be used to elect them to office.

It is reasonable to suggest that the Republican leadership in Chester County has considerable influence over what happens here. Continue reading