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Do the math for 2018

From “A midterm preference for Democrats, but without anti-Trump motivation (POLL)” by SOFI SINOZICH, ABC News, 7/19/17, the good news is that 52% of Americans would like Democrats to gain control of Congress next year “to check Trump”:

But what is bizarre is that only 51% consider Trump to be a factor, when Democrats certainly consider that R incumbents’ continuing support of Trump should be an absolutely major factor in upcoming elections.

And here’s the bad news, from “Ahead of midterms, voters prefer Democrats even as Republicans appear more motivated to vote,” by Mike DeBonis and Emily Guskin, Washington Post, 7/19/17:

The moral is clear: Unless more Dems and Dem-leaning I’s than usual vote next year (and of course this year too), they will once again be turning control of the country over to the right wing and the Trump admirers.

Leach launches uphill bid for Congress in the 7th

by Rick Kauffman, Delco Daily Times, 7/6/17

RADNOR >> Daylin Leach was off to the races Thursday night at his congressional announcement soiree at the Radnor Hotel.

The goal was to raise half a million dollars, which he’ll need to face off a busy field of five other Democrats in next year’s primary election — and, if all goes his way, eventually face incumbent U.S. Rep. Pat Meehan, R-7 of Chadds Ford, who has more cash on hand than any other Pennsylvania House member.

Meehan, who has $2,052,377 in the bank, has invited all comers to vie for the seat in 2018.

It was as early as May that the rumblings for the congressional run of Leach, D-17 of Lower Merion, began to circulate. Late last week Leach had formally committed to running for a seat in Congress in the 7th District.

Thursday night was his debut, insofar as congressional campaigns are concerned, with nearly 300 people packing the banquet hall for his big night.

“I already feel the profound weight of (my children) leaving us and starting their own life journeys and I want to spend as much time as I can with them,” Leach began in an impassioned moment, his voice breaking. “But, I had to weigh this against the unique situation this country finds itself in.”…

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Christina Hartman for PA-16

Yesterday, I officially announced my run for Congress in Penn Square in downtown Lancaster.

I loved seeing the faces of old friends, awesome volunteers I met last year, and folks getting involved for the first time. Because to win this race, we need as much PEOPLE-power as possible.

In 2016, Republican outside groups and SuperPACs spent nearly $1 million on TV ads and mailers smearing me and boosting Lloyd Smucker. There’s no telling what they’ll spend this time.

That’s why I need you to say “I’M IN” today! Add your name and join our campaign to restore fairness, trust, and dignity to Congress.

Thank you so much,


P.S.: Yesterday we set a goal to see how quickly we could get 100 grassroots donors to chip in. We’re almost there! Can you chip in $5 to help our grassroots campaign start strong?

Who does Lloyd Smucker work for?

email from Christina Hartman (2018 candidate, congressional district PA-16), 6/19/17

week, Rep. Lloyd Smucker voted to gut the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform law, rolling back the Obama-era protections designed to stop another Great Recession.

Yet again, Smucker and House Republicans are putting Wall Street banks and big corporations ahead first — and leaving the rest of us behind.

Can’t wait to vote him out? Join me to make sure Lloyd Smucker is defeated next year.

If we’re going to build an economy that works for all of us, we need a representative in Congress that stands up for us — not just for the big banks on Wall Street.

We don’t have to wait — we can start preparing to defeat Smucker now. Chip in today to flip Pennsylvania’s 16th district blue next year.

Thank you for all you do,