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Who does Lloyd Smucker work for?

email from Christina Hartman (2018 candidate, congressional district PA-16), 6/19/17

week, Rep. Lloyd Smucker voted to gut the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform law, rolling back the Obama-era protections designed to stop another Great Recession.

Yet again, Smucker and House Republicans are putting Wall Street banks and big corporations ahead first — and leaving the rest of us behind.

Can’t wait to vote him out? Join me to make sure Lloyd Smucker is defeated next year.

If we’re going to build an economy that works for all of us, we need a representative in Congress that stands up for us — not just for the big banks on Wall Street.

We don’t have to wait — we can start preparing to defeat Smucker now. Chip in today to flip Pennsylvania’s 16th district blue next year.

Thank you for all you do,


Looking to 2018, candidates sprouting this spring

by Dave Davies, Newsworks, 5/27/17

They’re popping up like mushrooms — Democratic candidates for Congress that is, a crop apparently fertilized by the election of Donald Trump.

Though congressional elections won’t happen until 2018, several Democrats have already announced they want to challenge Republican representatives in the Philadelphia suburbs next year.

It’s by no means just a Philadelphia phenomenon.

“Our office has received more unsolicited calls from potential candidates than we ever have in the past,” said Ken Snyder, a Chicago-based consultant who works on races here and around the country.

“Everywhere you look, there are Democratic primaries happening in districts where Republicans have traditionally won by 20 points,” Snyder said. “I’ve been talking to candidates in central Texas where there’s an incumbent who hasn’t been challenged significantly since the ’90s.”

Democratic strategist Mark Nevins said the burst of political activism spurred by the Trump election is real.

“There’s a feeling among Democrats that perhaps they did not play as hard as they needed to in 2016, and now they’re seeing the result,” Nevins said. “They’re not going to let that happen again. So there’s a lot of energy and a lot of passion — and a lot of new candidates running for office.”

A number of potential candidates have emerged to challenge two Republican congressmen in the in the Philadelphia suburbs.

Former congressional staffer and former Cease Fire PA head Dan Muroff is challenging U.S. Rep. Pat Meehan in the 7th Congressional District, along with biomedical researcher Molly Sheehan and tech consultant Drew McGinty.

Also considering a run in the 7th is veteran Montgomery County state Sen. Daylin Leach.

In the 6th Congressional District, Chrissy Houlahan is up and running against two-term incumbent Ryan Costello. Houlahan was most recently chief operating and financial officer for Springboard Collaborative, a nonprofit that seeks to boost literacy among low-income kids.

Democrat Bob Dettorre of Berwyn is also in the race, and the field may grow….

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Is a wave election forming for Democrats?

By Ben Kamisar and Lisa Hagen, The Hill, 05/23/17

Democrats are increasingly bullish about the prospect of a wave election in 2018 amid backlash against the passage of the House GOP’s ObamaCare replacement bill and the snowballing revelations coming out of the White House.

Nonpartisan election handicappers have begun to shift the House further away from the Republican majority, in part due to President Trump’s tepid approval ratings and the FBI’s investigation into possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.

While Republicans and ballot forecasters stress that there’s still 18 months to go until the midterm elections, most concede that the trend lines are ominous.

“Anyone who thinks the House isn’t in play is kidding themselves,” a former GOP aide told The Hill.

“The House healthcare bill is full of landmines and the constant White House drama Republicans have to defend is destroying any ability we have to be on offense or talk about a positive message.”…

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What an election this was!!

Historic: Democratic turnout increased 43% county-wide over the 2015 election.

All our countywide candidates won (and got almost as many votes as the corresponding Republican candidates):

Patricia Maisano – Treasurer
Margaret Reif – Controller
Christina VandePol – Coroner
Maria Crossan – Clerk of Courts

Our endorsed judicial candidates who won statewide were:

For PA Supreme Court
Dwayne Woodruff

For Superior Court
Carolyn H Nichols
Geoff Moulton
Maria McLaughlin
Debbie Kunselman

For Commonwealth Court
Ellen Ceisler

Chester County had the fourth highest vote total for the state-wide judicial candidates, exceeded only by Philadelphia, Allegheny (Pittsburgh) and Montgomery counties.

Thank you all for what you have accomplished so far this year.

Now the real work begins – to help our candidates win in November.

What we have done so far has been a warm-up. Our county turnout for the primary was 43% more than in 2015. Even so, this was an 18% turnout.

The approximate average vote totals for the county-wide candidates in 2015 was 34,000 (D) vs 49,000 (R). We need to increase our vote totals by 50% from 2015 to be confident of winning all our county-wide races.

50,000 votes for our Democratic candidates corresponds to a 38% turnout of Democratic voters.

Can we do that? That is our challenge. This is the best year in a long time to do it.

We can take a deep breath and then start again. We need to start planning now to get out our voters in November.

This is an exciting time to be a Democrat in Chester County.

Brian McGinnis, Chair
Chester County Democratic Committee

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