Sit-in at Costello office deserves context

Letter to editor from Luke Bauerlein, Phoenixville, Daily Local News, 12/19/17

As a constituent of Representative Costello’s and one of the fifteen citizens that peacefully occupied his office on Thursday, December 7th, I’m writing to provide context for the sit-in and to share my concerns with the way our Representative characterized this action in a fundraising email sent out by his team on Thursday afternoon. Seeing as he was not present, it sounds like he may have been misled about the nature of our visit.

A few points of clarification I will offer up front.

– Our actions were entirely non-violent and lawful.

– We arrived in the congressman’s office at 9:00 AM and left of our own accord at 1:30 PM.

– We were never asked by staffers to leave his office.

– We were asked to step away from an unoccupied staffer’s desk area and back into the “designated public waiting area.”

– We complied with this request.

– We were not informed staff was calling the police….

keep reading at Daily Local News. The letter goes on to refute Rep. Costello’s statement about “inappropriate and disruptive behavior from the radical left” and to critique provisions of the bill.