Senator Bob Casey on gun violence

Senator Casey is releasing the following statement in response to the Administration’s proposal on gun violence.

“This plan is weak on security and an insult to the victims of gun violence. When it comes to keeping our families safe, it’s clear that President Trump and Congressional Republicans are all talk and no action. Washington special interests are using their influence with this Administration and Congressional Republicans to block commonsense action on gun violence. It has to stop. Majority Leader McConnell and Speaker Ryan are the congressional leaders with the power to bring legislation to reform our gun laws to the floor. They should do it now. Congress should have a sustained debate and series of votes on gun violence and pass measures to put in place universal background checks, ban military-style assault weapons, limit large-capacity magazines, which allow mass shooters to fire their weapons more rapidly, and ban those on the Terror Watchlist from possessing a firearm. We need a debate now, not weak policy papers from this Administration.”