PSBA position on HB 1213: Oppose

Pennsylvania School Boards Association. See pertinent statement by sponsor Warren Kampf’s (PA House 157) Dem candidate Melissa Shusterman here

HB 1213: Greatly restricts the rights of school districts and municipalities to conduct appeals of under-assessed property

On behalf of the 4,500 elected officials who govern the commonwealth’s public school districts, we request your opposition to House Bill 1213, sponsored by Representative Warren Kampf. This legislation would greatly restrict the rights of school districts and municipalities to conduct appeals of under-assessed property.

By limiting the right to initiate appeals, particularly with large commercial properties, school districts in your district could experience losses in revenue that will be very significant. This restriction in the ability to generate future local revenues will harm schools that are already grappling with overall declining state aid and unfairly shift the property tax burden to homeowners. We urge you to contact your districts today and discuss this issue.

Our members are very much aware that all other property owners in a school district have to bear the tax burden of under-assessed properties. Any property that is simply under-assessed for whatever reason inherently shifts the tax burden over to those property owners who are properly assessed in the form of increased millage rates. House Bill 1213 would take away the only voice on behalf of other homeowners and businesses being forced to subsidize under-assessed properties – school districts. This legislation will restrict school districts’ rights of uniform review of commercial properties. Those commercial properties that are undervalued will not be billed for their fair share of school property taxes….

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