NRA backs R judge candidates

Wouldn’t you think the National Rifle Association, after so many massacres in the Age of Trump, would have the good taste to keep a low profile in the 2017 elections? Nope, NRA has sent its members a postcard endorsing every single Republican candidate for statewide judiciary. Download it here: NRA 2017 endorsed j candidates.

The card purports to advance “Freedom First.” But we know that most voters, including many NRA members, place a high value on gun violence prevention and on the freedom of going to churches and concerts without fear of being shot.

The moral is clear: if you want a state judiciary that is not beholden to the NRA, and that will do its job of fairly scrutinizing gun-related legislation, vote for the Democrats.

FYI, here is the Chester County Democratic Committee’s position on guns:

The constitution gives Americans the right to own guns for self-defense, but
government has the duty to protect its citizens from those who are irresponsible
in their handling of firearms, who are mentally unfit to own guns, who would buy
weapons capable of mass killing, or who incite or carry out violence against