John Fetterman Hopes To Redefine The Lieutenant Governor’s Role In Pennsylvania

excerpt from article of the above title in Raging Chicken Press, 12/15/17 (Fetterman is one of several candidates announced as running in the Dem primary for PA Lieutenant Governor):

…Fetterman said he hopes to use the platform to advocate for working-class citizens to protect them from heavily-financed special interests and predatory corporations. Out of everything he learned from his first run for Senate, he said the destructive nature of money in politics is what struck him the most.

“Citizens United, that has equated speech with money, that corporations are people, is probably the single most corrosive threat to American democracy that I’ve seen,” he said. “If you’re worth $10 billion, you effectively have the ability to purchase a presidential candidate.”

“I always say, ‘Relax, it’s much worse than you think,’ and it really is. That’s the biggest single thing I learned there, and I don’t mean that in a good way,” Fetterman said.

Fetterman says the money ingrained in the American political system has a chokehold on much of the progress that Americans want to see, and that changes in how campaigns are financed are necessary in order for voters to see results from their elected lawmakers….

read the full article and see video at Raging Chicken Press.