Gun Sense Chester County calls for common ground on gun control

[N.b. CCDC’s position on this issue is: “The constitution gives Americans the right to own guns for self-defense, but government has the duty to protect its citizens from those who are irresponsible in their handling of firearms, who are mentally unfit to own guns, who would buy weapons capable of mass killing, or who incite or carry out violence against others.”]

By Bill Rettew, Jr., Daily Local News, 10/4/17

WESTTOWN >> In response to the recent Las Vegas shooting deaths of 59, and injuries to more than 500 concertgoers, Gun Sense Chester County met at West Minister Presbyterian Church on Tuesday to discuss reducing gun violence.

Gun Sense Chairperson Ann Colby-Cummings told about three dozen group members and the public that the organization is not anti-gun or in favor of a complete ban on guns, but is nonpartisan, volunteer-driven and designed to reduce gun violence.

Colby-Cummings talked specifically about the recent shooting from a Las Vegas hotel room onto the large crowd below at a country music festival.

“Life kind of took a turn for all of us,” she said. “Some of us have stepped away from the news a little bit.

“This is always out there — somewhere else — but current events have shown us that this is not the case. These things are all around us.”

Colby-Cummings noted that two Chester County residents were killed by guns during the past week and five have died since June.

The group supports lobbying lawmakers and establishing a dialogue concerning “common ground of core uses and policies” between both gun and non-gun owners, Colby-Cummings said….

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