Gov. Wolf on House Republicans: ‘I’m not going to play their games anymore’

by Angela Couloumbis & Liz Navratil,, 10/4/17

HARRISBURG — Saying he was fed up with the inability of House Republicans to finish work on balancing the Pennsylvania budget, Gov. Wolf on Wednesday said that he will borrow more than $1 billion against the state’s liquor revenues.

“Too many Republicans in the legislature are focused on the 2018 elections — they’d rather see me fail than Pennsylvania succeed,” the Democratic governor said at a news conference in the Capitol. “I’m not going to play their games anymore.”

The shift in tone raised the prospect of a long fall of recriminations and increasing anxiety for schools, local governments, and others who depend on state funds.

Wolf said the House should immediately pass an extraction tax on natural gas production from the Marcellus Shale — a measure he believes will help end the state’s more than three-month-long budget stalemate. GOP leaders’ refusal to consider a shale tax shows that they are beholden to special interests, the governor said….

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