Expanding High Quality Charter School Options

“Expanding High Quality Charter School Options” is the title of a new report from Public Citizens for Children and Youth (PCCY). The report shows that PA’s 21-year-old charter school law does not serve children families or taxpayers well.

Unfortunately, the state is very generous in permitting even underperforming charter schools to draw on the local school district’s scarce resources, and counterintuitively gives the same advantages to cyber charter schools as to those that have an actual physical presence where students attend class daily.

The state’s standard tool of measurement, the Pennsylvania School Performance
Profile (SPP), shows that charter schools have a lower rate of reaching the 70 score that is considered to indicate a good school. Excerpt from p. 8 of the 20-page report (which can be downloaded at PCCY):

See also “Pennsylvania slow to reform charter-school laws,” editorial in the Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/9/18