Electoral districts

To be involved, you need to know what districts (for Congress, PA Senate and House) and which precinct (for voting purposes) you live in.

This map shows all polling places in Chester County by location. Background shows main roads, municipalities, and terrain.

Use the + / bar to zoom in or out. Click or tap a location to move the map, or click on the directional insignia to move N, E, S, or W. Hover or tap the V mark that you think is the right polling place and you will see name of precinct, address of polling place, and name of polling place.

Find maps of current electoral districts for US Congress (as of 2012), PA Senate and House (as of Dec. 2014), and Chesco school districts by clicking here for the County site.

For a map of each PA House and Senate district with the list of municipalities and precincts in each , see here.

Download a map of Chesco with all its PA House districts here: Chesco PA House districts 2014

For convenient reference and printing, download a pdf of municipalities and precincts in each district (2 pages, no maps) of Chesco districts here: PA districts Chesco 2015

Download an Excel list of each Chesco precinct with its Democratic zone, US House district, PA senate district, and PA House district here: Chesco Zones and Districts 2014-2020

Download an Excel list, with info from the state legislative site, of each municipality with its House and Senate districts and office-holders here: ChesCo reps in H’burg 10-14.

For more info about the US Congress districts, see here.

For the previous Chester County PA House and Senate District Maps (in force from 2001 through November 2014), click on PA Senate Chesco map 2001- or PA House_Dist map 2001-