Defend the Affordable Care Act@

The GOP’s plan to destroy the Affordable Care Act is out — and if it passes, it would have a devastating impact on working families.

This proposal will drive premiums way up, especially for those who need health care coverage the most. It slashes subsidies for those who are just above the poverty line, and it would allow insurance companies to charge older people FIVE TIMES as much as they charge younger people. You’ll pay more money for less care.

Republicans are going to try to ram this mess through Congress before their constituents realize what is in it. Their first vote will happen this week. It’s up to us to stop them.

Call your Representative right now and tell him to vote NO on the GOP’s disastrous health care proposal!!!

This proposal is a laundry list of horrible health care ideas, including:

It repeals the Medicaid expansion and turns the program into a block grant to states, a move that would cut Medicaid funding dramatically and will leave millions of poor and working people to fend for themselves. In California alone, 71% of those who gained coverage through Medicaid expansion were people of color.

It defunds Planned Parenthood, and it contains a provision that would make it nearly impossible to obtain private insurance that would cover an abortion.

It contains a huge hidden tax cut for the rich that would go exclusively to families that make more than $200,000 a year — and which steals funding from Medicare, putting the program in serious danger.

This horrendous proposal proves what we’ve known all along: The GOP was never serious about making the health care system work for working families. If this passes, people will not be able to afford to get the health care they need. We must stop it.

For the past 7 years they’ve lied to voters about wanting to replace the Affordable Care Act with something better. But now that they’re in power, they’re using it to gut consumer protections, drive up profits for insurance companies and cut taxes for the rich — all at our expense