Dear Pennsylvania State Legislature

email from Pennsylvania Moms Demand Action, 7/10/18. Several Chesco legislators co-sponsored HB 2227 but political leaders have not allowed a vote on it, even though according to a poll published by Everytown for Gun Safety on 9/12/17, “82 percent of likely voters in Pennsylvania — including 88 percent of gun-owning households — support prohibiting anyone convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence or subject to a domestic violence protection order from purchasing a gun.”

On June 25th, I sat in the gallery of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and watched our state lawmakers throw away an opportunity to advance a bill that will save the lives of Pennsylvanians.

As time went on, the weight of their inaction was palpable — the 78 domestic violence victims who were shot and killed just last year in Pennsylvania were there with us, in our hearts while we sat in the statehouse.

But right after, something remarkable happened — lawmakers from across the state joined me and other advocates to hold an impromptu press conference about this shocking failure to act. Side by side, we told Pennsylvania and domestic violence survivors that we won’t stop fighting until our lawmakers pass a bill to disarm domestic abusers this year.

We’ve penned an open letter to the Pennsylvania state legislature.

SIGN YOUR NAME >> Dear Pennsylvania House of Representatives: Pass a bill to protect domestic violence survivors from abusers armed with guns.

78 Pennsylvanians died last year because a domestic abuser had a gun and shot to kill. We don’t yet have the numbers who have died for the same reason this year. And I don’t want to write you next year with that number and ask you again to help me get this bill passed. 2018 must be the year we pass this bill. This must be the year our state legislature takes action to protect people from an abuser and his gun.


I honestly didn’t think the Pennsylvania Moms Demand Action volunteers and I could get any more fired up. But, once again, I’ve been proved wrong: we’re ready to spend summer doing whatever it takes to pass this law.

Sign our open letter to Pennsylvania lawmakers demanding that they take action to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers this year.

Grateful for you,

Deb Marteslo
Pennsylvania Chapter Leader
Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America