The list below shows, for each zone:

• the zone number
• the name or descrip ion
• any of the following that pertain: web site, Facebook, Twitter
• the regular meeting date, if any and with exceptions (for details, see calendar)
Zone Leaders and Assistant Zone Leaders, with emails. (If a link doesn’t work for you, click once on the name; the email should appear in a box and you can copy and paste into email.)

1 Chester County Dems Zone 1 (Coventry, Vincent, East Nantmeal, Warwick). Web site. Facebook. 1st Tuesday; Stephen Schur, Paula Terrell. See also East Coventry Democrats Facebook.
2 Western Chester County Democrats (WCCD: Elverson/Honey Brook Borough and Township/West Nantmeal/Wallace/West Caln/West Sadsbury). Web site. Facebook.Maria McCabe, Linda Baugher.
3 OxGrove Democrats. Web site. Facebook. 2nd Thursday. Russell Phifer, Molly Wood.
4 Zone 4 Chester County Dems (South Coatesville, Modena, Parkesburg, East Fallowfield, Valley, Sadsbury). Facebook. Dave McLimans, Joe Heffern.
5 Downington/Caln/East Caln Dems. Facebook. Lorraine Tindaro, Katie Holtzle.
6 Westtown/Thornbury/Birmingham Dems. Facebook. Martin Goch, Rick Kosel.
7 Bradford Democrats (East and West Bradford). Web site. Facebook. Twitter. 4th Tuesday. Kevin Houghton, Bob Graham.
8 Kennett Area Dems. Web site. Facebook. Twitter. 2nd Thursday; Wayne Braffman, Victoria Wiedwald.
9 West Chester Democrats. Web site. Facebook. Twitter. 4th Monday; Jim Salvas, Stephanie Markstein.
10 Central Chesco Dems. Facebook. 3rd Thursday. Tim Grant, Diane Welsh.
11 Northern Chester County Democratic Committee (Spring City, Schuylkill, East Pikeland). Web site. Facebook. 1st Monday. Charlotte Valyo, Russell Strauss.
12 Tredyffrin Township Democrats (TTD). Web site. Facebook Twitter. 3rd Wednesday. Kathy Keohane, Jerry Henige.
13 East Whiteland/Charlestown Dems. Web site. Facebook. 1st Monday; Jerry Pyne, Chris Demas.
14 West Whiteland Dems. Facebook. Matthew Morley, Joshua Anderson.
15 Easttown Township Democratic Committee. Web site. Facebook. Twitter. 3rd Thursday. Susan Audrain, Beth Zachai.
16 Malvern/Willistown Dems. Web site. Facebook. Denise VanValkenburgh, Betsy Allinson.
17 East Goshen Dems. Web site. Facebook. Twitter. 1st Thursday, Beth Sweet, Mary McCloskey.
18 West Goshen Democrats. Web site. Facebook. Twitter. 3rd Wednesday. Andrew Husband, Paula Norsoph.
19 Phoenixville Democratic Committee. Web site. Facebook 3rd Monday; Don Vymazal, Kim Feindt; for general information email here.
20 Coatesville Dems. Facebook. Khadijah Al Amin, Nydea Graves.

Zone Leader Caucus chair Wayne Braffman. Vice Chair: David McLimans.

For a map of zones and list of component municipalities, see farther below.

Zone Leaders and Assistant Zone Leaders are elected by the committeepersons in each zone as part of party reorganization every 4th year after the election of committeepersons (most recently May 2018) or subsequently to fill vacancies.

For other information on the Chesco Dem organization, see here.

Below is a map of zones (with thanks to Elena Saltzman; download this map here: CCDC Zone Map), as well as a text description of each zone, as of September 16, 2014. This map does not show all boroughs that are not their own zones; if you need to see those, see the color or B&W map below.












Color zone map including all boroughs but without municipal names:

If you prefer, download black & white map, including names of municipalities, here: Zones B&W






Municipalities in each zone:

Zone 1: The townships of North Coventry, East Coventry, South Coventry, East Vincent, West Vincent, East Nantmeal, and Warwick

Zone 2: The boroughs of Elverson and Honey Brook, and the townships of West Nantmeal, Wallace, Honey Brook, West Caln, and West Sadsbury

Zone 3: The boroughs of Atglen, West Grove, and Oxford, and the townships of West Fallowfield, Highland, Londonderry, Upper Oxford, Penn, London Grove, New London, Franklin, Elk, Lower Oxford, East Nottingham, and West Nottingham

Zone 4: The boroughs of South Coatesville, Modena, and Parkesburg, and the townships of East Fallowfield, Valley, and Sadsbury

Zone 5: The borough of Downingtown, and the townships of Caln and East Caln

Zone 6: The townships of Westtown, Thornbury, and Birmingham

Zone 7: The townships of East Bradford and West Bradford

Zone 8: The boroughs of Kennett Square and Avondale, and the townships of Newlin, Pocopson, Pennsbury, East Marlborough, West Marlborough, Kennett, New Garden, and London Britain

Zone 9: The borough of West Chester

Zone 10: The townships of East Brandywine, West Brandywine, Uwchlan, Upper Uwchlan, and West Pikeland

Zone 11: The borough of Spring City, and the townships of East Pikeland and Schuylkill

Zone 12: The township of Tredyffrin

Zone 13: The townships of East Whiteland and Charlestown

Zone 14: The township of West Whiteland

Zone 15: The township of Easttown

Zone 16: The borough of Malvern and the township of Willistown

Zone 17: The township of East Goshen

Zone 18: The township of West Goshen

Zone 19: The borough of Phoenixville

Zone 20: The city of Coatesville

Which Zone is my municipality in?

Municipality Zone
Atglen 3
Avondale Borough 8
Birmingham 6
Caln 5
Charlestown 13
Coatesville 20
Downingtown 5
East Bradford 7
East Brandywine 10
East Caln 5
East Coventry 1
East Fallowfield 4
East Goshen 17
East Marlborough 8
East Nantmeal 1
East Nottingham 3
East Pikeland 11
East Vincent 1
East Whiteland 13
Easttown 15
Elk 3
Elverson Borough 2
Franklin 3
Highland 3
Honey Brook 2
Honey Brook Borough 2
Kennett 8
Kennett Square Borough 8
London Britain 8
London Grove 3
Londonderry 3
Lower Oxford 3
Malvern Borough 16
Modena 4
New Garden 8
New London 3
Newlin 8
North Coventry 1
Oxford Borough 3
Parkesburg 4
Penn 3
Pennsbury 8
Phoenixville 19
Pocopson 8
Sadsbury 4
Schuylkill 11
South Coatesville 4
South Coventry 1
Spring City 11
Thornbury 6
Tredyffrin 12
Upper Oxford 3
Upper Uwchlan 10
Uwchlan 10
Valley 4
Wallace 2
Warwick 1
West Bradford 7
West Brandywine 10
West Caln 2
West Chester Borough 9
West Fallowfield 3
West Goshen 18
West Grove 3
West Marlborough 8
West Nantmeal 2
West Nottingham 3
West Pikeland 10
West Sadsbury 2
West Vincent 1
West Whiteland 14
Westtown 6
Willistown 16