CCDC-supported candidates for Nov. 2013

Chester County Candidates by zone (with zone leaders)

For more on non-municipal candidates, click here. School board races are indicated for only one zone in each district

Chester County Court of Common Pleas

Julia Malloy-Good – Court of Common Pleas

County Row Office Candidates
Carmen Boyd – County Controller
Tisha Brown – County Clerk of Courts
Nina Haslip – County Treasurer
Howard Jones – County Coroner

Chester County Municipal Commissioner / Supervisor & Council Races

Zone 1 – Fred Reisser
Timothy McEwen – Elverson Borough Council
James Burns – Spring City Borough Council
Eric O’Connor – Spring City Borough Council
Erica Weiherer – Spring City Borough Council

Owen J Roberts School District Race
Debbie J Eddinger – Owen J Roberts School Director

Zone 3 – Patrice L. Proctor

Patrice Proctor – Valley Township Supervisor
Joe Sciandra – Valley Township Supervisor
Ron Husband – Honey Brook Twp Supervisor
John Haines – West Caln Twp Supervisor

Zone 4 – David McLimans
Cheryle Hanson – East Fallowfield Twp Supervisor
Kevin Richardson – East Fallowfield Twp Supervisor
Barbara Newsuan – South Coatesville Borough Council
Gilbert Parker – South Coatesville Borough Council
Sylvia Washington – South Coatesville Borough Council
John Washington III – South Coatesville Borough Council

Zone 5 – Russ Losco – OxGrove Dems
Thomas Shar – Elk Township Supervisor
Clyde Prigg – Lower Oxford Twp Supervisor
Tim Nelson – London Grove Twp Supervisor
Victor Mantegna – Penn Township Twp Supervisor
David Prosser – West Grove Borough Council
Kristin Proto – West Grove Borough Council
Jamie Cole – Oxford Borough Council

Avon Grove School Board Race
Brian Gaerity and Patrick Walker – Avon Grove School Bd Dir – Region I
Patti Lyons – Avon Grove School Bd Dir – Region III

Oxford School Board Race
Lorraine Durnan – Oxford School Board Director – Region I

Zone 7 – Josh Young
Adam Thomas – Caln Twp Commissioner
Josh Young – Caln Twp Commissioner

Zone 8 – Dick Bingham – Kennett Area Dems
Janie Baird – Newlin Township Supervisor
Richard Leff – Kennett Twp Supervisor
Mike Donovan – New Garden Twp Supervisor
Richard Zimny – New Garden Twp Supervisor
Abigail Pyle – Avondale Borough Council

Unionville Chadds Ford School District Race
Michael T Rock – Unionville Chadds Ford School Director – Region B

Zone 9 – Stephanie Markstein – West Chester Borough Dems
Bill Scott – West Chester Borough Council, ward 1
Brian Abbott – West Chester Borough Council, ward 3
Don Braceland – West Chester Borough Council, ward 5
Ellen Koopman – West Chester Borough Council, ward 7

West Chester School Board Race
Joyce Chester – West Chester School Board Director – At-Large
Robin Kaliner – West Chester School Board Director – At-Large
Chris McCune – West Chester School Board Director – At-Large
Ricky Swalm – West Chester School Board Director – At-Large

Zone 10 – Mark Landon
Holly Manzone – Pocopson Twp Supervisor

Zone 11 – Adam Swope
Michael Hynes – Willistown Twp Supervisor

Zone 12 – Dariel Jamieson – Tredyffrin Township Dems
Mark Freed – Tredyffrin Twp Supervisor
Murph Wysocki – Tredyffrin Twp Supervisor
Laurie Elliott – Tredyffrin Twp Supervisor

Tredyffrin Easttown School District Race
Kevin Buraks  – Tredyffrin Easttown School Director- Region I
Scott Dorsey – Tredyffrin Easttown School Director- Region II

Zone 13 – Jen Mayo

Jeremy Dalton – Phoenixville Borough Council
Kyle Guie – Phoenixville Borough Council
Edwin Soto – Phoenixville Borough Council
Dana Dugan – Phoenixville Borough Council

Phoenixville School District Race
Dan Cushing – Phoenixville School Board Director
Josh Gould – Phoenixville School Board Director
Lisa Longo – Phoenixville School Board Director

Zone 14 – Rusty Strauss

Rusty Strauss – East Pikeland Twp Supervisor
Hugh D Willig – Charlestown Twp Supervisor

Zone 15
William Whitlock – South Coventry Twp Supervisor

Zone 16 – Maxine Endy
Joe Denham – West Whiteland Twp Supervisor

Zone 18 – Jackie Davis
Marie Hess – Coatesville City Council
Ingrid Jones – Coatesville City Council
David Collins – Coatesville City Council
Joseph Hamrick – Coatesville City Council
Amber Little – Coatesville City Council

Zone 19 – Martin Goch
John Embick – Westtown Twp Supervisor

Zone 20 – Craig Lewis
Francis Reardon – Easttown Twp Supervisor

Tredyffrin-Easttown School District Race
Maryann F. Piccioni – Tredyffrin Easttown School Director-Region 3
Jean B Kim – Tredyffrin Easttown School Director-Region 3

Zone 21 – Bill Holmes
Bill Holmes – East Whiteland Twp Supervisor

Zone 22 – Karen Eadie
Robert Degen -Schuylkill Twp Supervisor

Zone 23 – Helen McCoy

Montajean Gay – East Goshen Twp Supervisor

Zone 24 – Nancy Lorback

Geoff Wilkinson – West Goshen Twp Supervisor
Chris Pielli – Magisterial District Justice

Zone 25 – Diane O’Dwyer
Ann Feldman – Downingtown Borough Council
Anthony Gazzerro – Downingtown Borough Council
Patricia Mcglone – Downingtown Borough Council