CCDC Executive Committee

According to CCDC Bylaws VII, 1,

The Executive Committee shall meet at least once per month on a regularly scheduled meeting date and time…. In addition to its responsibilities relative to Party expenditures, nomination of candidates, and disciplinary actions provided in these By-laws, the Executive Committee shall act in an advisory capacity to the officers of the County Committee and all committees and shall perform such functions as may be delegated to it by the County Committee or County Chairperson.

Current members, in the capacities specified by the Bylaws, are as follows. (The number of voting members needs to be reduced by the number of individuals occupying 2 qualifying positions at the same time and by the number of open positions.)

The officers (4)

State and county elected officials (currently 3)

State Committee members (9 including the Chair ex officio)

District Leaders (9)

Zone leaders (20; asst. zone leader represents the zone in zone leader’s absence)

Others ex officio (5)
Party solicitor: Paul Drucker
Parliamentarian: Hans Van Mol
Women’s Group: Millie Dixon, Martha Smith
Pres. Young Dems: Hans Van Mol

Members appointed by Zone and At Large (23)
Paul Friel Zone 1
Bill Phifer Zone 7
Nathaniel Smith Zone 9
Christopher Kowerdovich Zone 10
Chris Edwards Zone 11
Alan Yockey Zone 12
Steve Rhoades Zone 13
Joan Bergquist Zone 15
Anthony Micciolo Zone 16
Dick Cahoone Zone 18

Bob Graham
Jim Bannan
Dick Bingham (Zone Leader Caucus)
Roger Even Bove
Keith Eldridge
Matthew Holt
Michael Parrish
Bill Schoell
Melissa Shusterman (Women’s Group)
Diane Van Mol
Jayne Yockey