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Lawsuit challenging how Republicans drew Pennsylvania’s congressional districts 6 years ago will proceed, court decides

Lancaster Online, from AP, 11/9/11

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — A state-level challenge to how congressional districts were drawn by Republicans six years ago will proceed on a compressed schedule, a closely divided Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled on Thursday.

The Supreme Court’s 4-3 decision overturned a lower court judge’s ruling last month that had put the dispute on hold.

The order said the case “involves issues of immediate public importance” and gave Commonwealth Court only until Dec. 31 to issue findings of fact and legal conclusions.
Redistricting reform effort to kick off in Lancaster County

“We are thrilled that Pennsylvania voters will have their day in court,” said Mimi McKenzie, legal director of the Public Interest Law Center and part of a team that represents the plaintiffs, a group that includes people who live in each of the 18 districts and the state’s League of Women Voters.

“I think the average citizen doesn’t have to do more than look at the distorted shapes of these districts to understand that something is very much amiss,” McKenzie said….

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This map, part of a presentation by Fair Districts PA, shows Pennsylvania’s 7th U.S. House district, which extends into eastern Lancaster County. It is regularly cited as one of the clearest examples of gerrymandering in the country. [The preceding caption is from Lancaster Online. Look at the salient point of Tredyffrin to the east: it adjoins the 7th district and you could be in the 2nd and 13th districts in a couple of minutes. Absurd! Gerrymandering is the antithesis of democracy and community representation. Gerrymandering is a bane that degrades government, spreads disillusion with voting, and perpetuates political extremism by aiming to create non-competitive districts (but that part isn’t going to work around here in 2018!).]

2018: Dems 52, R’s 38

Very interesting poll. At first you wonder how a president who threatens the whole American way of life and sense of social fairness can not be the big issue for everyone looking to who should control Congress after next year. But then you realize: there are plenty of free-standing reasons that a majority of voters would like to see R’s– who can’t pass a budget, protect our health care, or assert some influence over an “adult day care” White House–lose control of Congress next year.

Hypocrisy 101

…”And you have zero issue posting your pro-life stance all over the place when you had no issue asking me to abort our unborn child just last week when we thought that was one of the options,” Shannon Edwards, a forensic psychologist in Pittsburgh with whom the congressman admitted last month to having a relationship, wrote to Mr. Murphy on Jan. 25, in the midst of an unfounded pregnancy scare….

–from Jen Hayden, “Text messages reveal ‘pro-life’ Republican congressman urged his mistress to have an abortion’,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10/3/17

“Mr. Murphy” is Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA 18), a member of the House Pro-Life Caucus.

Or maybe the current case is Hypocrisy 102, since Mark Sanford (R-SC 1) (the one who was “hiking the Appalachian Trail” when actually seeing his mistress in Argentina) got there first. Or one could go much higher with a little research.