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Beyond ‘Trump, bad’

by Nathaniel Smith, The Times of Chester County, 6/23/18

The June 16 editorial “For GOP candidates the question is: To Trump or not to Trump?” makes a lot of good points about this year’s enthusiasm gap between the two major parties (see also the recent Pew poll) and the untenable position in which Trumpist extremism has put Republican voters.

The one critique I would make is of the assertion that “Democrats have been disorganized and completely unable to come up with a message beyond ‘Trump, bad.’”

Nationally, Dem politics right now does tend to be reactive, because the Trump game is publicity and power at all costs, however outrageous the issue at hand. Trump locks up small children without their parents… Dems and others react… Trump says he’ll lock up small children with their parents… What next?

At the County level, though, Dems have long been very conscious of the question “What do Democrats stand for?”…

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Voters More Focused on Control of Congress – and the President – Than in Past Midterms

There are many interesting findings in this Pew poll, conducted June 5-12: Pew Research Center, 6/20/18.

For one, the issues on which voters trust one party or the other more show wide discrepancies, up to the 32% spread on environment–which is not surprising, since the Trump administration has made clear its disdain for any and all measures to reduce global warming, preserve natural parks, and protect the environment:

In another finding, voter enthusiasm about voting has risen to unusual levels, as “A majority of voters who favor the Democratic candidate in their district (55%) say they are more enthusiastic about voting than usual” and enthusiasm among Republican voters is almost as high; 50% of voters who prefer the GOP candidate say they are more enthusiastic than usual.” The Dem enthusiasm rate happens to be the same 55% as the R rate in 2010, the disastrous year when the Tea Party opened the gate for the GOP to become the Party of Trump; but the current challenge for Dems is that the R enthusiasm rate in June 2018 is higher than the D rate in June 2010, with 4.5 months to go till the general election.

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Thomas Friedman: Vote Dem for US House and Senate!

Thomas L. Friedman likes to stick to issues like trade and human rights, illustrated by anecdotes derived from his world travels and conversations with heads of state. This time, though, the subject is at home and the issue is preserving our democracy from the clutches of Donald Trump. Friedman in effect invites us all to become single-issue voters.

From “Sounding Code Red: Electing the Trump Resistance,” New York Times, 5/29/18:

If I were writing the choice on a ballot, it would read: “Are you in favor of electing a majority of Democrats in the House and/or Senate to put a check on Trump’s power — when his own party demonstrably will not? Or are you in favor of shaking the dice for another two years of unfettered control of the House, the Senate and the White House by a man who wants to ignore Russia’s interference in our election; a man whose first thought every morning is, ‘What’s good for me, and can I get away with it?’; a man who shows no compunction about smearing any person or government institution that stands in his way; and a man who is backed by a party where the only members who’ll call him out are those retiring or dying?”

If your answer is the former, then it can only happen by voting for the Democrat in your local House or Senate race.

Because what we’ve learned since 2016 is that the worst Democrat on the ballot for the House or Senate is preferable to the best Republican, because the best Republicans have consistently refused to take a moral stand against Trump’s undermining of our law enforcement and intelligence agencies, the State Department, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Civil Service, the basic norms of our public life and the integrity of our elections….

Will 2018 be the year of woman in Chester County politics?

By Nathaniel Smith, The Times of Chester County, May 18th, 2018

In the Chester County Democratic primary election, the winners for U.S. Senator and Governor were (unopposed) men, but women for US House PA-06 (also unopposed) and Lt. Governor (Kathi Cozzone carried Chesco but not PA), so that’s half men and half women Dem winners in Chesco.

For PA Senate and House, 3 men and 8 women won Democratic races in districts that include Chesco (some were contested, most not). These candidates worked their way through the primary season, may have been endorsed, and may have had enough support to induce potential rivals not to file in the primary.

For Dem State Committee, Dems also preferred women candidates. Their ballot had 9 men and 9 women, and voters could choose up to 4 of each. One would expect votes cast for men and women to be about equal; but In fact, women totaled 14,835 more votes (unofficial figures; not including write-ins). To judge the scale, if a 10th man had been in the race and received all those undervotes, he would have been the top male vote-getter.

Did voters know the women better as individuals? Did voters prefer to vote for women and consciously undervote for men? Did more women than men vote? We can’t tell right now. But the results for state legislature and Democratic State Committee certainly support the Year of the Woman hypothesis.

How about on the Republican side? …

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