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Dinniman Introduces Legislative Package on Pipelines

From Senator Andy Dinniman (D-19), July 24, 2017

WEST CHESTER (June 24, 2017) – State Senator Andy Dinniman has introduced a package of legislation designed to protect local communities, natural resources, and individual property rights in the crosshairs of the ever-growing number of pipelines planned in Chester County and Pennsylvania.

“While southeastern Pennsylvania and Chester County may not be home to actual drilling operations, our neighborhoods, communities, and natural resources are significantly impacted by the growing network of pipelines,” Dinniman said.

The bills are as follows:

• Senate Bill 605, introduced by Senator Dinniman and Senator John C. Rafferty, Jr., calls for establishing an impact fee that pipeline companies would pay to the municipalities and counties bisected by their pipelines. Under the legislation, the amount of the impact fee would be based on the acreage of linear feet plus right-of-way width of a pipeline using the county average land value in an affected area. Fifty percent of the impact fee would go to the county that is home to the respective pipeline. Forty percent would go to the municipality that is home to the pipeline. The remaining 10 percent would go to Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission for administration and enforcement of the law. The bill is currently in the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee.

• Senate Bill 574 would allow local municipalities and school districts to tax natural gas pipelines. …

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Dinniman responds to Chesco GOP chairman

Letter from PA Senator Andy Dinniman (D-19), Daily Local News, 10/11/16

Val DiGiorgio is so obsessed with the fact that there is a Democrat in the mostly Republican Chester County legislative delegation that his phony attacks on me have become an unfortunate part of his persona.

Val, who is a paid Harrisburg lobbyist, knows that 96 percent of the votes in the senate are either unanimous, procedural, or have only one or two dissenters. Thus, he knowingly made a fallacious comparison in saying that I only voted with the Republicans 35 times out of 1,597 roll call votes since January 2009.

I’ve been elected and reelected in Chester County because voters here are fiercely independent and still care deeply about the substance of issues, not Val’s phony statistics.

Let’s look at my votes over the last year. They clearly show that I listen and respond to my constituents, who support me at their independent voice….

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Cash-starved schools but over $1B for testing?

by State Senator Andy Dinniman, Daily Local News, 9/27/16

While school funding is in crisis and property taxes continue to rise, the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) since 2008 has signed contracts for more than $741 million for PSSA and Keystone Exam testing. All of this money went to one company, Data Recognition Corporation (DRC), who received three contracts, two of which had no-bid extensions.

While a testing company is making big bucks, some of our schools do not even have the funds to purchase textbooks that contain the Common Core standards upon which the students are tested. Doesn’t PDE understand that it’s simply unconscionable to stamp failure on the backs of students who don’t even have access to the materials on which they are being tested?

The costs to school districts for testing and supervising the required Project Based Assessment (PBA) for those not passing the Keystone is conservatively estimated to be over 300 million dollars. This means between the state and school districts, Pennsylvania’s testing programs in the past eight years have cost the taxpayers almost $1.1 billion.

For years I worked in the legislature to change this testing obsession. Finally, Act 1 of 2016 was unanimously passed, suspending the use of Keystone Exams as a graduation requirement for two years….

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