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PA Fresh Start – Forward!

I am passing this along many of my friends due to the importance of this year’s elections.

I am sure many people are sitting around all excited to go vote for Tom Wolf for Governor; I am too!

But unless you want to see the Washington gridlock in Harrisburg, you need to get our and vote for our State Rep and Senate candidates. Continue reading

Candidates in 167th differ on opinions, issues

By BRENT GLASGOW, Daily Local News, 10/16/12

After nearly three full terms as State Representative of the 167th District, Republican Duane Milne believes he has shown voters what he’s about.

“My record legislatively reflects the priorities and policies most of the voters in this district would like to see,” Milne said. “I’ve tried to advance the kind of issues I hear people in this area talk about when I’m out in the community. I pay very close attention to the responsibility that I am their representative.”

Milne’s challenger, Democrat Robert Broderick, has a different view of Milne’s record.

“Tom Corbett has been a terrible governor, and Duane Milne has voted with him up and down the line,” Broderick said. “Basically, Duane says that he’s one thing, but his votes say that he’s something else, and that’s why I’m running.”

The two candidates both list education as a top priority….

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DFA endorses Rob Broderick (PA House 167)

from “Local Candidates Receive Valued Progressive Endorsement,” DFA, 10/10/12

Burlington, VT – Today, Democracy for America (DFA) endorsed local candidates who are seeking office throughout the country. DFA invests in local candidates to strengthen the Democratic Party. By electing stronger progressives at every level of government, real valued change can happen. Earning an endorsement from DFA can greatly enhance a candidate’s campaign.

“These candidates exemplify what we value at DFA,” said Jim Dean, Chair of Democracy for America. “The belief that grassroots activism and organizing can still elect the strong, courageous, and progressive Democrats who are willing to move the party and their communities forward.”…

The Pennsylvania slate of endorsed candidates include:

Rob Broderick running for Pennsylvania State House District 167,
Joe Frederick running for Pennsylvania State House District 143,
Rob Teplitz running for Pennsylvania State Senate District 15,
Tom O’Brien running for Pennsylvania State Senate District 13, and
Luana Cleveland running for Pennsylvania State Senate District 23.

Previously endorsed federal candidates from Pennsylvania include Kathy Boockvar and Manan Trivedi both of which earned the distinguished title of Dean Dozen candidate. The Dean Dozen is DFA’s highest tier of federal endorsement. It is limited to 12 total candidates running for either US House or US Senate and represents the races that DFA will expend the greatest amount of resources on during the 2012 cycle….

Another view on college vouchers

Letter by Rob Broderick, Daily Local News, 6/20/12

I have to give Gov. Corbett some credit. In his meeting with Journal Register editors, he said, according to the DLN on June 11: “I don’t have an answer on it one way or the other right now.” I find this refreshing, when the state’s chief executive admits he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Corbett was floating the idea of college vouchers — giving money to students directly, instead of adequately funding state college and universities and community colleges….

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Rebuilding Pennsylvania / The Right To Vote

from Rob Broderick (Dem candidate, PA House district 167):

Rebuilding Pennsylvania

Recently, I heard former Gov. Ed Rendell deliver a talk in Philadelphia called “America – Falling Apart, Falling Behind.” His major point was that our basic infrastructure – our roads, bridges, water treatment plants, and airports – is decaying at a rate faster than we are fixing and maintaining it.

Because of this, Rendell has partnered with former Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Independent Mayor Michael Bloomberg in a campaign to rebuild America.

I say all this because I agree with these men, and there is no better time to do this than now. Since interest rates are at a historic low and will be for at least two more years, according to the Federal Reserve chairman, we can finance vital improvements to Pennsylvania’s infrastructure. This accomplishes several things:

We Can:

— create good-paying jobs for people in the trades, many of whom have been left out of the modest recovery we’ve seen over the last four years;

–make desperately needed improvements to our airports and transportation systems, which are vital not only to us as Pennsylvanians but vital for the role they play in our tourism industry;

–create clean energy jobs such as wind and solar power;

–generate more tax revenue from people brought back to work to fund vital services such as public education and environmental protection.

As far as I can tell, this is a win-win proposition. Pennsylvania has weathered the recession better than many other states because of our vibrant private higher education and health care sectors. But we can do even better by putting more of our people to work while re-building, modernizing and beautifying our state.

The Right To Vote

My mom’s youngest brother spent four years in the Pacific during World War 2. My first cousin was career Air Force; my brother is a Navy veteran. What they were all fighting for was democracy — the core of which is the right to vote. Tom Corbett and Duane Milne want to take the right to vote away from millions of individuals. Let me repeat that. Tom Corbett and Duane Milne have conspired to take away the rights of millions of people to vote.

Earlier this year, Milne voted for, and Corbett signed into law a bill to require a government-issued photo ID at the voting booth. This law is being challenged by civil liberties groups and others, and the League of Women Voters — a nonpartisan group — severely criticized the legislation as completely unnecessary.

Is there voter fraud in elections? Probably — on both sides. After all, this is a system devised by human beings. But is there widespread fraud necessitating this new law?

Let’s say “yes” for the sake of argument. From 2003-2011, Tom Corbett was Pennsylvania’s chief law enforcement officer. In those eight years, he did not prosecute a single major vote fraud case. Where’s the beef, Governor Corbett? Where’s the beef, Rep. Milne?

The fact is this: Republican Governors all over the country are trying their best to take away the right of (mostly) Democrats to vote, so they can further consolidate their power. They know that many poor and working-class people don’t have passports or drivers licenses. And that’s why Corbett and Milne passed a law requiring them to produce them in order to vote.

In fact, if I were a lawyer, I would volunteer to represent people who were prohibited from voting in personal lawsuits against governors and legislators who supported their efforts to strip voter rights. Make no mistake about it — this is a return to the days of poll taxes in the Deep South, except that we’re talking about the birthplace of liberty — Pennsylvania. It’s a crying shame and a disgrace. Implementing this bill will cost $11 million, while at the same time the governor is cutting education funding.

West Whiteland man wins write-in, will challenge Duane Milne

By ERIC S. SMITH, Daily Local News, 05/12/12

A retired communications specialist for the Pennsylvania State Educators Association has officially won the Democratic primary via a write-in campaign in the 167th District for the state House.

Rob Broderick, 60, waged a write-in campaign after the Democratic party failed to get a candidate officially on the ballot in time for the primary on April 24. Now he will face three-term incumbent Republican Duane Milne, who was successful in a primary challenge of his own.

Broderick said the Chester County Democrats had an initial candidate for the 167th District, who had to drop out at the last minute before filing for the ballot. He said he did not have time to collect signatures and officially file to be on the ballot, so he waged an organized write-in campaign. He won 1,232 of the 1,405 total Democratic write-in votes cast in that primary.

Broderick previously criticized Milne for attempting to get Democratic voters to write him on the ballot, so he could win both nominations. Milne said he did send out some mailers and made calls to Democrats, but never truly expected to win the primary and it was “just a way to start the fall campaign.” Milne added he had planned to reach out to Democrats before he had any idea who the write-in candidate was going to be.

Broderick, who spent 35 years working for education associations in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, said he is running to help restore funding to public education. He said that Gov. Tom Corbett’s budget from last year and the one he has proposed for this year both make serious cuts to public education that could hurt test scores in the state….

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