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Nelms throws his hat in the ring for the 158th Legislative District

By Chris Barber, Daily Local News, 1/9/18

NEW GARDEN >> Former Kennett High School teacher and coach Rick Nelms is throwing his hat in the ring for the 2018 Democratic primary election. He is seeking the state House of Representatives seat for the 158th District, which is now occupied by Republican Eric Roe, who has said publicly that he intends to run as well.

The 158th District covers the municipalities of Avondale, East Bradford, East Marlborough, London Britain, New Garden, Newlin, West Bradford, West Marlborough and sections of West Goshen.

“Given the national (political) climate, I felt there was something I needed to do. A thin veneer has been pulled back on civilization,” said Nelms, 65, a Democrat.

He said he has received encouragement to run not only from Democrats, but from moderate Republicans as well.

“A Republican supervisor called and said I would get things done in Harrisburg, and they wouldn’t walk all over me. … The moderate Republicans are not happy,” he said.

In the past few months, he has already made preparations for the coming primary on May 15….

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Nothing but lies and deception from Eric Roe

Letter, Kennett Paper, 10/26/16

In this election season, we’ve been inundated with lies from both parties at the top of the ticket. I had hoped that this local campaign would have been run on the issues, but that has not been the case. Today I am calling out my opponent Eric Roe for blatantly and repeatedly lying about my positions. I have gone on record in newspapers as well as on my Facebook posts that I DID NOT support Tom Wolf’s tax plan.1 You can read it for yourself at the link below. I also said and still stand by my statement that I also opposed the House Leadership budget. Both budgets were wrong for the people of Pennsylvania and yet for weeks now, both by mail and in TV ads, Eric Roe has been lying about my political stands and intentions.

Is that the kind of legislator we need in Harrisburg? Someone who will lie to win?

Eric Roe has been secretive regarding his views. He chose not to put any position papers up on his website until last month, hiding his real views from voters. When he finally did, his first version; “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” was quickly taken down because it was so extreme. His new positions are so vague that they fail to show what he honestly believes. Continue reading

CANDIDATE SPOTLIGHT: Susan Rzucidlo for PA 158th House

Rzucidlo 2014Susan Rzucidlo is a small business owner for more than 27 years in southern Chester County, who unlike her opponent actually knows how to get things done in Harrisburg.

Mother of four grown children, one who is a special needs adult, Susan worked with members of the legislature on both sides of the aisle advocating for services for special needs children and adults that were desperately needed. She also worked to have training for interacting with citizens who live with disabilities put in place for all police officers in Pennsylvania. In 2004 she founded a non-profit, SPEAK, Inc. to provide free advocacy for children and adults who live with disabilities, and to get Seniors and Veterans the support they need.

Susan will work to reduce our taxes, support our great schools and bring good paying jobs to Pennsylvania. She has detailed information on her website.

Voters in the 158th can vote to replace retiring moderate Chris Ross with Susan Rzucidlo, who shares his support for a woman’s right to choose and safeguarding our environment.

Or they can pick an ultra-conservative 28-year old, Eric Roe, whose previous seven jobs in Washington DC, before returning to Chester County last year, were for extreme conservative political action groups and committees and campaigns for the likes of Ted Cruz and Rick Santorum. Someone who has never worked outside of politics and government. He is also the secretary of Americans for Christian Traditions In Our Nation (ACTION PA), a group that wants to insert their religious beliefs in our laws. We don’t need more of those in Harrisburg!

Susan Rzucidlo for PA | “The Z is silent, she is not!”
Official campaign site for Susan Rzucidlo. Get involved and learn more about the Democratic candidate for the 158th District PA House of Representatives.