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Parents need a helping hand: H.B. 2035

Statement on H.B. 2035 from Melissa Shusterman, candidate for PA House 157

Rep. Carolyn T. Comitta, along with several bipartisan cosponsors, has recently introduced H.B. 2035. H.B. 2035 would provide a tax deduction of up to $10,000 to help offset the costs of childcare for Pennsylvania families. Childcare is a necessity for many Pennsylvanians but is a cost that is rising quickly and burdening families.

For many years, I had to raise my son as a single mother while also starting my own business. I know how hard it is to balance raising a family and the demands of a career. I know the stress of having to make hard choices on a tight budget. I also know that this bill will go a long way to easing the strain on Pennsylvania’s hard-working families. Childcare should not be an impossibility for so many of them. I wholeheartedly support this bill.

If elected State Representative, I will vote for this bill and continue to work towards making life easier for the families of our state and our district.

Two more Chesco Dem candidates featured

from “They Can’t Wait to Vote’: Energized Democrats Target Dominant G.O.P. in Statehouses” by ALEXANDER BURNS and ALAN BLINDER, New York Times, FEB. 3, 2018:

…At a meeting of the liberal group Indivisible in Eagleville, Pa., last month, Democratic activists railed not just against Mr. Trump, but also against Republicans in Harrisburg, the state capital, accusing them of wringing money from suburban voters while neglecting local schools and infrastructure. Katie Muth, a leader of the group who is running for State Senate, declared from the front of a Unitarian church that 2018 was the moment to “save Pennsylvania.”

But Mr. Trump’s unpopularity is likely to help. Pam Hacker, an electrician running for the State House, said she rarely brings up the president, but sees him alienating communities that once voted Republican.

“It is a new Republican Party,” she said, “and I just don’t think it’s a friendly face.”

[Katie Muth is running in PA Senate 44 and Pam Hacker in PA House 26. See recent national attention to Chrissy Houlahan for US House 6 here and to Melissa Shusterman for PA House 157 here. For more on those 4 and all Dem candidates, see here.]

Melissa Shusterman vs. Rep. Kampf’s harmful H.B 1213

by Melissa Shusterman, Dem candidate for State Representative, 157th district

My opponent, Rep. Warren Kampf, has introduced H.B. 1213, a partisan bill that would limit the ability of school districts to challenge property tax assessments. While this may seem like a good idea on paper, in reality, it really isn’t. This bill would cost Pennsylvania school districts hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue. Pennsylvania’s school system, one of the most unequal and underfunded in the nation, cannot sustain both this loss of revenue and the cuts in funding Republicans in the legislature keep making. Our children will suffer the most from these drastic cuts in school funding and revenue.

H.B. 1213 will also harm Pennsylvania families in another way. By removing the ability of school districts to challenge severely under-assessed properties, homeowners and businesses lose the only way school districts can try to make school taxes fairer. Property owners of appropriately-assessed properties will have to deal with increased millage rates to make up for the under-assessed properties.

Pennsylvania’s schools, families, and businesses deserve better than H.B. 1213. Pennsylvanians deserve schools that are fully and fairly funded. Pennsylvanians deserve a fair property tax system. H.B. 1213 accomplishes neither of these goals. Our representatives in the legislature should be doing all they can to help our education system, not hurt it. I, along with many teachers, parents, school officials, and elected officials across the state, voice my opposition to Warren Kampf’s dangerous H.B. 1213.

In the legislature, I won’t just fight against harmful bills like these; I’ll fight for legislation that will allow every Pennsylvania child to get the quality education he or she deserves.

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