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Graham and Friel Otten face off in Democratic primary for 155th Legislative District

By Bill Rettew, Daily Local News, 5/11/18

Two Democrats are running on the Democratic Primary ballot for Pennsylvania’s 155th Legislative District in a bid to unseat incumbent Republican Rep. Becky Corbin.

Ron Graham will face off against Danielle Friel Otten. Corbin is running unopposed for the Republican nod….

keep reading at Daily Local News. See more about these and all Dem candidates here; Danielle Friel Otten is endorsed by CCDC.

Ron Graham running for 155th state House seat

by Lucas Rodgers, Daily Local News, 4/27/18

Ron Graham is no stranger to local politics and now he’s ready for a shot at making the leap to serving at the state level.

Graham has served on the East Pikeland Board of Supervisors since 2008 and he’s been the chairman of the board since 2009. He is now running on the Democratic ballot to represent the 155th District in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

Graham’s family has lived in the East Pikeland area for generations. He said his father, grandfather and great-grandfather were all farmers here but he took a somewhat different path pursuing college education and serving in the military….

keep reading at Daily Local News [See here for both candidates on the ballot for PA House 155; CCDC has endorsed Danielle Friel Otten.]

A thought on “brave, thoughtful leaders”

“As I have become more civically engaged over the years, I have learned
about how so much of our current government is keeping people out of the
conversation, hiding behind the veil of powerlessness and that lobbyist money is how
things get done. I believe that is a cop-out. Brave leaders speak up, speak out and
stand alongside their constituents. We need brave, thoughtful leaders in Harrisburg to
bring progress and accountability to Pennsylvania.”

—Danielle Friel Otten, candidate for PA House 155

Danielle Friel Otten kickoff, Feb. 18

download pdf here: Danielle Friel Otten 2.18.18

[n.b. at this point in the election cycle we post occasional items by or from candidates that inform our readers about important issues; we will give space to all candidates for whom we receive such information, without intending to imply endorsement or favoritism.]