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New Coatesville City Councilwoman Khadijah Al-Amin is first-ever Muslim woman to win election in Chesco

by Lucas Rodgers, Daily Local News, 5/30/18

COATESVILLE >> Two new City Council members were sworn in Tuesday evening, including the first Muslim woman to ever win elected office in Chester County.

Khadijah “Jackie” Al-Amin and Donald Folks, both Democrats, were sworn in by Magisterial District Judge Gregory Hines at the start of the council meeting, and then took their seats on council to participate in the rest of the meeting.

In special elections held May 15, Al-Amin defeated Republican Councilman John Guerrera for an at-large seat, and Folks defeated Democratic Councilwoman Delores Williams for the 2nd Ward seat. Guerrera and Williams had been appointed to council in March to fill two vacant seats.

Al-Amin has long been an active citizen in Coatesville and attended many council meetings to advocate for the public interest, but she said she decided to run for council this time because she believes she can do better for the citizens of Coatesville by serving on council and letting her vote be the citizens’ voice….

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Trump’s comment deserved pushback, Mayor deserves support

By Mike McGann, The Times of Chester County, April 28, 2016

Good for Maxwell for standing up for Downingtown

Downingtown Mayor Josh Maxwell called Republican presidential candidate — and the likely GOP nominee — a “jerk” this week. Honestly, I would have called him something worse if Mr. Spray Tan had trashed my hometown on Twitter.

Far worse.

But now Maxwell finds himself in the crosshairs of every Internet troll and mindless Trump supporter for having the temerity to stand up to The Donald — and point out that, once again, he doesn’t know what the (insert your favorite expletive here) he’s talking about.

In case you missed it — network’s TV’s gain and the political world’s loss tweeted the following while traveling in Pennsylvania the other day:

“Passing what was once a vibrant manufacturing area in Pennsylvania. So sad!”…

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East Whiteland Election Results Analysis

by Bill Holmes, East Whiteland Dems, 11/18/15

For the third consecutive Township Supervisor election, a Democratic Supervisor candidate has won a hard fought contest. The last 2 Supervisor races have been decided by less than a 1% margin. These small margins reinforce what we have been communicating to voters in recent elections – each vote matters!

Generally speaking, Democratic candidates did well in East Whiteland. Here are some of the highlights in the township.

All of the Supreme Court candidates outperformed their opponents and captured nearly 55% of the overall votes.

Court of Common Pleas judicial candidate Julia Malloy-Good won East Whiteland with nearly 54% of the vote.

County Commissioner Kathi Cozzone was the top vote getter for the County Commissioner’s race. It should be noted that this is the first time that a Democratic candidate for a county row office seat has won in East Whiteland.

These results reflect the hard work of our Committee people and volunteers. Once again we have demonstrated that grassroots efforts can make it a difference. Please consider getting involved as there are plenty ways to volunteer.

What’s The Winning Formula? It’s You!

from Kennett Area Democrats

Tuesday heralded a potential shift in business as usual in Pennsylvania! Democratic judicial candidates swept all five races sending a signal to Harrisburg that oversight and balance is now a mandate of the people.

Judges 2

In the State Supreme Court, David Wecht, Kevin Dougherty and Christine Donohue won giving Democrats an important 5 to 2 advantage on the Court securing a powerful voice when the question of redistricting and bringing an end to the gross gerrymandering comes up again in 2021. Also at the State level, Alice Beck Dubow won the Superior Court race and Michael Wojcik won the Commonwealth Court race.

three winnersWhitneyLocally, we enjoyed a huge win in Kennett Township with the election of Whitney Hoffman for Township Supervisor. Kennett Square Borough elected Doug Doerfler, Wayne Braffman and Jamie Mallon to Borough Council. And Gregg Linder was re-elected to the Unionville-Chadds Ford School Board in district C in a hard fought contest….

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