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Tell your PA Senator to Stand for Climate Action!

PA Sierra Club

Last year, President Trump embarrassed America by pledging to withdraw from the landmark climate deal, saying that he represents “Pittsburgh, not Paris.” Now two Senators who actually represent Pittsburgh have countered by saying Pennsylvania should be #StillIn.

Please tell your Senator to cosponsor SB 15!

Climate disruption is already taking its toll, as 2017 was by far the costliest year on record for weather-related disaster recovery, surpassing the previous record set in 2005 by more than 40%. Countless lives in Puerto Rico, Texas, California, Florida, and elsewhere have been forever changed by wildfires, hurricanes, and biblical floods. It is only a matter of time before we are all affected, and the longer we wait to curb our climate-disrupting carbon pollution, the harder it is going to be to adapt. We need to cut carbon now!

Tell Your State Representative: Put Citizens’ Health before Industry Profits

email from from Penn Future, 2/6/18

This week, a package of bills (HB209, HB1237, HB1792, HB1959, and HB1960) crafted under the guise of “regulatory reform” is scheduled for a vote in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. These bills will irreparably harm the Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) and the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’ (DCNR) ability to protect our health and the environment from pollution, further eroding Pennsylvania’s conservation heritage.

House leaders are pushing this package to make life easier for industry while abandoning the premise of prioritizing clean air to breathe in Pittsburgh, safe drinking water for children and families in Philadelphia, and healthy trout streams and rivers throughout the state.

The General Assembly already has the authority to review and act on regulations that DEP and DCNR drafts and implements. This legislation will not create a more efficient and effective government, as the House leadership claims. On the contrary, these bills add layers of bureaucracy that are intended to impede the executive branch’s ability to protect health and the environment through enforcement action.

Click here to tell your state representative: Stop this attack. Protect my health and the environment!

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Vitali announces bid for 7th Congressional District

Times of Chester County, Jan 29th, 2018

HAVERTOWN – Today, State Representative Greg Vitali (D-166) announced he is running for Congress in the 7th congressional district of Pennsylvania.

“Climate change is the single greatest long term threat to our world,” Vitali said. “I cannot sit idly by as Donald Trump and the current Congress endanger our future and make this problem worse. The time is now for all people of good conscience to stand up, stand together, and take back our government for the good of all the people.”

Vitali is considered by many to be the leading environmental legislator in Pennsylvania. He was the first Pennsylvania legislator to introduce the idea of a severance tax on natural gas as well as the first to introduce legislation to combat climate change. He exposed the undue influence of special interest money from the oil and gas industry by publishing a report entitled Marcellus Money and the PA Legislature and has won many statewide environmental awards for his work.

Vitali has also been recognized as a strong advocate for brick and mortar public schools, women’s rights, criminal justice reform, sensible gun control policies, government reform, and equality for all under the law. …

keep reading at Times of Chester County [n.b. at this point in the election cycle we post occasional items from the media in order to inform our readers about Dem candidates, without intending to imply endorsement or favoritism.]

A Welcome and Very Justified Halt

from Sierra Club of Chester County, 1/4/18

Yesterday the DEP suspended the construction permits it had issued Sunoco Pipeline L.P. last February for Mariner East 2 pipeline because of numerous violations. This required Sunoco to cease all construction activity aside from maintenance of erosion controls and HDD equipment. This suspension will be in effect until the pipeline operators fulfill ALL the requirements of the Chapter 102 (Erosion and Sediment Control) and Chapter 105 (Water -Obstruction & Encroachment) permit applications including the impacts to private water wells

This action was necessary due to over 100 drilling fluid spills (inadvertent spills) some of which resulted in the contamination of water wells, an expanding sinkhole threatening private homes, and numerous violations due to unauthorized construction methods. The settlement reached with the Environmental Hearing Board last August had not been respected.

This halt was not unexpected due to Sunoco’s poor safety record (worst of any pipeline operator in the US), rush to complete construction due to pending litigation, and the presence of the Karst topography in parts of Chester and Delaware counties, making horizontal directional drilling (HDD) hazardous because of the presence of sinkholes and fissures. Furthermore Sunoco was employing construction methods prohibited by the DEP in some areas.

Last month State Senator Andrew Dinniman, followed by other State Senators and House Representatives as well as local organizations including East Goshen Safety & Environmental Advocates (EGSEA) and Delco United requested the Governor to halt construction. It is hoped that the choice of the route following the right-of-way of the 1931 Mariner East 1 will be shown to be poorly chosen for a pipeline carrying hazardous natural gas liquids now going through densely populated suburban counties.

– Bernie Greenberg, Sierra Club of Chester County, Pipeline Committee Chair

Press Release from Joann Kilgour, Sierra Club, PA Chapter Director

Front page article in Philadelphia Inquirer 1/4/2018

Front Page article in Daily Local News 1/4/2018