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From PA Department of State and Voter Services; see Voter Services for other Chesco results. Unofficial winners in bold.

Justice of the Supreme Court

David Wecht (D): 1,068,293 18.35%

Kevin Dougherty (D): 1,076,825 18.51%

Christine Donohue (D): 1,056,653 18.16%

Judith Olson (R): 883,722 15.12%

Michael George (R): 793,026  13.65%

Anne Covey (R): 791,980 13.64%

Paul Panepinto (IJA): 143,806 2.48%

Judge of the Superior Court

Alice Dubow (D): 1,045,219 53.12%

Emil Giordano (R): 921,239 46.86%

Judge of the Commonwealth Court

Michael Wojcik (D): 1,047,600 52.81%

Paul Lalley (R): 934,427 47.19%

Judge of the Court of the Common Pleas

Julia Malloy-Good (D): 39,807 47.16%

Allison Bell Royer (R): 44,525 52.75%

County Commissioner

Kathi Cozzone (D): 38,986 24.25%

Bill Scott (D): 32,870 20.45%

Terence Farrell (R): 44,678 27.79%

Michelle H Kichline (R): 44,106 27.44%

District Attorney

Tom Purl (D): 33,436 39.96%

Thomas P Hogan (R): 50,139 59.92%


James Bell (D): 34,256 40.48%

Carolyn Bunny Welsh (R): 50,280 59.42%


Tisha Mae Brown (D): 34,878 41.93%

Matt Holliday (R): 48,234 57.99%

Register of Wills

Lani F Frank (D): 35,392 42.4%

Terri Clark (R): 48,013 57.53%

Recorder of Deeds

Hans Van Mol (D): 34,252 41.19%

Rick Loughery (R): 48,830 58.73%

Candidate Q&A: Tisha Brown, candidate Prothonotary

The Times of Chester County, 10/31/15

1. Whether you are an incumbent, or a challenger, what prompted you to seek public office?

The desire to be a public servant, the desire to give back to my community, the opportunity to work for the diverse Chester County population, and to lend my administrative experience to the office are what prompted me to seek public office.

2. Can you describe an achievement in your professional or elective life that you are especially proud of, and why?

I once took on a role to oversee a department with very low morale and it was also close to financial ruins. With effective team management I was able to help grow staff to where the department became the “go to” for the rest of the company in addition to ensuring profitability for the organization. …

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